Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Room with a View

It is a grey, cold, windy and with occasional raindrops kinda day.  A great day to stay inside and play (on the computer).   Toby really, really doesn't like rain at all, and he will hold "it" until he just can't any longer, poor thing.  I don't blame him, the thought of peeing between rain-drops is not my idea of answering the call of nature.  I was going to drive up and see my sweetie today, but with the rain I decided against it.  Little leery of driving right now because of the accident on Sunday evening.  And speaking of that, the repair shop called yesterday with the estimate on the damage to my car.  Are you ready for this.....$13,000 OMG.  My insurance is going to go sky-high after this.  Never mind that I didn't have any accidents for 100 years or so, but now that I have had 2 in 6 months, oh brother.  And I won't get the car back for a month, thank goodness for insurance for a rental car.  See what a little mistake can cost?  I am just still so very thankful that no one was hurt.  That is absolutely the MOST important issue in this incident.  Damages to automobiles can be fixed, damages to human beings sometimes can't. 

Looking out the living-room window today got me wondering about life and how very precious it is.  Watching the leaves falling to the ground, knowing that change has come in our weather and how our lives can change in an instant through an accident or like my sweet husband, a gradual change over several years. We did not realize how precious those early years were, living our lives as if there was no tomorrow.  But tomorrow comes and changes emerge, good or bad, and life continues.  Oh this is all sounding so dreary, I think the weather along with the accident has made me stop and do a little life review.  I have a lot of riches in my life, sometimes I just need to stop and realize how precious those riches are.  Time being one of the most precious, something I so easily take for granted. 

Having my camera with me is a precious gift, capturing the everyday beauty that surrounds us all is astonishing through the lens.  Looking out the living room window the view is captivating.  The dazzling yellows of the big maple tree in the front yard cast such a brilliant light yelling, "go get your camera and take pictures".  Never one to argue with a maple tree, that is exactly what I did.  Hope you enjoy my room with a view. 

"In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.  The process never ends until we die.  And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility."  ~  Eleanor Roosevelt

Until next time.......


  1. What a wonder group of photos you collected from your view, just lovely.

  2. Oh Deanna, your window shot is just beautiful. Actually, it looks like a painting to me. I know exactly what you mean about the preciousness of time and not always appreciating the moment. Since my dad's own slide into Alzheimers I"ve been literally kicking myself for not appreciating all the moments I had with him. Sometimes you have to learn these lessons the hard way. But at least we learn :)


  3. You always know exactly how to express your thoughts and feelings so eloquently, Deanna. I wish I had that gift. I used to, but lost it somewhere...

    Your maple still looks very pretty -- love all the gold on the ground too... have a wonderful evening. :)

  4. What a wonderful view.

    I also wish I could express myself as well as you do. My thoughts and feelings tend to get trapped in my head and can't find their way onto the page.

  5. Such a touching post.. It is so amazing how when we are young you think life goes on forever.. But the older I get the faster it pass.. And I am thankful for everything I have.. Reading your post was such a good reminder.. Thanks you!!!
    And I have to say What a View.. fabulous photos..

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Holy cow that room with a view is gor-g-eous!! Such a beautiful post!


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