Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello from California

I have taken soooo many pics since I have been here I just felt the need to post and to let you know that California is still here.  The Big One seems to be holding off, but my son thinks I should feel a little earthquake while I am here, to get the whole experience of living in southern California.  I do not necessarily share that desire, I am perfectly happy going thru life without experiencing any earthquake regardless of the size.  The weather has been quite nice, today being the nicest so far....80's, sunny, slight breeze, no humidity, pretty perfect and I think it is supposed to be like this for the next few days.   Today Lane and I decided to be like tourists and do touristy (spelling??) things.  We drove to Venice Beach and spent time walking around, gawking at some of the people that make Venice Beach unique.  I got a kick out of all the "Medical" services offered along Oceanfront Dr. from "medical marijuana" to Botox on the Beach.  There were plenty of shops that will decorate your body with tatoos and all the t-shirts and sunglasses that you could possibly want.

 This guy rolls around on these homemade roller-skates and plays the guitar.  Quite entertaining.  I think he wears all of the clothes that he owns. 

 This guy is just strange, he does no entertaining, just walks around wearing the silly hat and glasses carrying the sign.   Lane hasn't been to Venice Beach in probably 8 years and these guys were here then. 

I thought this man looks like he came straight out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Saturday mornings at the beach means skateboarding.  There was all kinds of competitions going on, little kids, older kids, adults all having fun.  I could hardly skateboard when I was a kid, let alone ride up and down ramps, flipping my body in very strange angles.  I wasn't into pain, so I stayed away from sports that could definitely cause pain. 

I was so fascinated by these little shore birds, they flew onto the beach all in a big group and landed together like the Blue Angles, all in sync.  I think they are a breed of a Sandpiper.  You can see how tiny they are next to the sea-gull. 

As we walked further down the beach there was a group of surfers...the waves were not that big, but they still managed to find a few and ride them into shore.  I can't imagine how cold that water must have been, just thinking about even putting my little toe in the water makes me shiver.  Don't tell me those wet suits keep you totally warm & dry.  Again, I am passing on this sport as well. 

Lane has talked about In-N-Out Burger forever and how they have the best burgers, well I had to eat there and judge for myself.  It was pretty darn good.  Tasted very home-made, just like I would make at home on the grill.  I would definitely go back for another one and back again, and again.  After burgers we headed south to Laguna Beach, but when we were headed into Laguna the traffic was AWFUL.  We decided to go to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.  I am sure you have heard of this....where the swallows come back every year on March 19th, right around St. Joseph's Day? 

I had to come all the way to California to get a shot of a hummingbird.  This little one was hanging around the rose garden inside the mission grounds causing quite a stir.  Every photographer in the place had their lenses pointed right on him.  I hope everyone got a good pic. 

And ofcourse the "Bird of Paradise" what a beautiful flower, so exotic. 

This tree had these super-duper red and yellow fruits hanging from it's branches.  They looked kinda fuzzy, have not a clue as to what is is. 

Sunset last night at Dana Point.  California has wonderful sunsets over the ocean, a sight that I never see at home.  It is pure delight watching the sun set here. 

One week from today is the wedding.  Hip Hip Hooray !!!!

"The place you are in needs you today."  ~  Katherine Logan

Until next time......


  1. love the photos. my favorite is the hummingbird. what a great shot. those little guys are so precious. have a great trip. i hope to make it to CA one day. looks like a great place. (:

  2. Glad you shared these varied photos. I lived in San Diego area for a couple of years in the late 50s and experienced two or three earthquakes.

  3. Botox on the BEACH??!!?? Yep, Californians are a unique breed! :). So glad to see you are having fun and not surprisingly, taking some fabulous photos too! Enjoy!


  4. Wow, what a fun time you are having! Loved the slideshow!! And I'm with you, I could do without an earthquake if I was there too!!


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