Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Trip to the Bountiful

First, did ya notice my new blog header??  Huh? Huh?  I have been wanting to switch out the pics for a long long long time, but since I didn't originally design this blog, I had help from a great assistant and terrific friend, Claudia over at Dipity Road, I was scared, yeah, scared to touch it for fear I would totally screw it up.  Claudia encouraged me to start my blog and helped put the design together, I was soooo hesitant to mess with anything.  But today, I put on my brave big girl panties and decided to go for it.  As I deleted the original pics and uploaded the new ones, I held my breath.....but it worked...YEAH!!  So, now that I know how to do this, plan on updates to the header frequently.  I always liked to move furniture around when I was younger, so moving header's around is a might easier and less strenuous on the back.  I would like to add tabs, but not sure how to do that either, so if anyone knows of a tutorial on this, feel free to leave info in comments.

Now on to the trip to the bountiful.  Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby??  OMG that is one place that is filled to the brim with whatever you need in the way of crafts or decor or if you don't want anything when you walk in, I bet you $10 bucks that you will walk out with something you really didn't think you needed until you saw it right there on the shelves at Hobby Lobby.  I shouldn't be using the term "needed", because really in truth, there is NOTHING we need at Hobby Lobby.  They have no food items, no health needs, no medical supplies, so the need is more like a "want".  Actually I was on a mission....I am decorating a small table-top tree and an Advent Wreath for raffle prizes for our church's Advent Tea. Hobby Lobby always has a great selection of holiday decorating items that are usually on sale.  So yes, I did come home with stuff for the project and yes, I did come home with a little something for myself.  Will share pics of the finished projects when completed.

I belong to a group on Flickr called "Prompt Addicts" a grand group of ladies that banded together after taking several classes from Tracey Clark the founder of The Shutter Sisters.  We needed to continue our love of "prompts" for picture taking and in order to do just that, 3 ladies set up our group and each week we are given "a prompt" for picture taking and share them on Prompt Addicts.  This week our prompt is A B C's.  In other words, capture images that begin with A B or C.  What fun I have had with this.  And my trip to Hobby Lobby today was like a trip to bountiful on capturing A B C images. 

 C is for Crown.....

B is for beads

B is for birdhouse.....

C is for Cowboy Boots.....

C is for "color" those fall colors.

So there you have my trip to other words "Hobby Lobby"....  Take that trip sometime, you might be surprised at what you find. 

"Earth is crammed with heaven."  ~  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until next time......


  1. i just love your new header! great work!

  2. love the new header. so pretty!! i agree blog work is tough but so rewarding. (:

  3. Yes, I did notice it - it is lovely! And yes I have the same fear! haha Love all these images, and they didn't have any problems with you taking pics huh? My daughter tried to take pics in a grocery store once and some guy screamed at us from across the store!

  4. I notice your new header right away my friend. You did good.. You did real good.... I love it..
    Your photos look amazing. I just love hobby lobby.. They just opened ours about a year ago. Lets just say I am helping them stay in business.

  5. Love your new header but those little cowboy boots are to die for. Gorgeous collection.

  6. Oh my goodness, I want to go to Hobby Lobby!!!
    Sounds like a photographer's dream Deanna, and what gorgeous photographs you captured. I LOVE the cowboy boot.
    P.S. This Flickr group sounds like fun too!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love, love, love your new header! And thank you for bringing attention to our little PA group with your fabulous "A, B, C" pictures!

  8. I love your new header! I can so relate to what you are saying - last year I sweated over putting up my header and is was really trial and error until I had it as it (still) is. I thought about changing it several times but don't dare touching it...!
    And yes, I love Hobby Lobby, too! And your photos! :-)


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