Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Senses Friday - The April 6, 2012 Edition

For no reason at all except it will make you a happier person, smile.  Smile at a perfect stranger, smile at your sweetheart, especially smile at children.  Smile when you see someone or something you like.  Smile broadly, demurely, smile shyly or mysteriously.  Just smile from ear to ear.  Smile at the bus driver, smile at the toll-taker, smile at the stressed out driver at the stoplight.  Make them all wonder, What's she smiling about?  Let them wonder, let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.  Your smile may remain long after your gone.

These are a few of the things that made me smile all day long.....

I went to SEE the Hunger Games...I read the book and was anxious to see the movie.  I'll admit I was not disappointed in either the book or the movie.  And ofcourse, I had to have popcorn while I was the TASTE of movie popcorn.

After I returned home I considered going to Macy's to buy some Clinique, they have their special if you purchase a gazillion dollars worth of their product they will give you a little something to keep you coming back.  I am kidding abut the gazillion dollars but I am not kidding about the giving.  I really like their yellow moisturizer and their freebie comes in a perfect travel size.  Since next week I am off again on another travel adventure, this time to Galveston, TX I need that little yellow moisturizer.  But then I stopped and realized it is Good Friday, kids are out of school, lots of people off work, so no way was I going to fight my way thru those crowds for the little yellow moisturizer to make my face FEEL good.  Maybe Monday....

So, instead of fighting crowds I stayed peacefully at home.  It was a gorgeous day today.  The sky for the last 2 or 3 days has been this deep cerulean blue, a perfect back-drop for photos.  Yesterday, along with the beautiful sky we had gusty winds which pretty well shoots any opportunity for great nature shots.  But today was calmer so off Toby and I went to search for beauties.  All the birds have returned from wherever they vacation to in the winter so the air is filled with the sound of chirping.  When I HEAR the sounds of certain birds I can distinguish their song.   Cardinals, robins, and chickadees are a few I can recognize.  And I certainly recognize the sound of bees buzzing.

I don't get too many hyacinths anymore, I think I need to replant, but what I did have I snipped and brought them in the house to enjoy their SMELL before they faded away.

And I added the bowl of eggs for Easter....

All I have to do is step out of my front door to SMELL Spring.  The buds on the trees are bursting, the daffodils and hyacinths are almost gone, but the tulips are in full bloom....all of this brings a smile to my face.

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This is the exact spot just a few weeks ago....

Hope your day was filled with smiles.....  And speaking of smiles, hop on over to my collaborative blog Focusing on Life where I am musing about my favorite thing to do.  We are having a month-long theme for this month all about our "favorites".  Stop by and see what it is all about.

"'s the second best thing you can do with your lips."  ~  Don Ward

Until next time.....


  1. Those photos of the bees are gorgeous! The same goes for the snow.

    And I'm still lovin' your doggie's picture in your header.


  2. Another wonderful post! I/we have read the Hunger Games and are planning to go to the movie next week. I also buy cosmetics (Shiseido) for the little travel size samples!

    Your beautiful photos of bees and all things green are gorgeous and fill me with hope!

  3. Beautiful photos! And my what a difference a few weeks makes; lovely scenes both no matter the weather.

    My son loved the Hunger Games books. Kids are off school on Monday too here, so he's taking mom to see the movie. : )

  4. Quite a difference a little snow makes. Like a whole other world. Lovely pictures yet again. It is amazing what a smile can do. Good medicine. Have a Blessed and Happy Easter.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. That first bee pic is beyond awesome! And lovely still life photos!

  6. We just got back from The Hunger Games! And your photos are gorgeous, as always. :)

  7. I love smiling especially at grumpy people! lol (oh and it improves your face value,ha) Your bee photos are fabulous and what a difference a couple of weeks makes! Don't forget your sunscreen AND mosquito spray!! : )

  8. Hi Deanna, you amazed me again ;) I especially love the hyacints ♥

  9. okay, I just found you through the challenge but I am staying awhile. Hope you like long, lingering guests. lol. Your style, oh my....just lovely!


  10. Lovely Deanna. Happy Easter to you :)

  11. Lovely images Deanna. Have a blessed Easter and another great adventure.

  12. Deanna you're such a great writer! What a difference a few weeks makes and you captured the light beautifully.

  13. Deanna, these are beautiful!! What a lucky find with that bee! Thanks so much for linking up to the Leap Into Spring Challenge! I hope you'll join us next week when we move onto our easter prompt. :)

  14. The photos are all beautiful but the bee photos are just specially beautiful. I like the colors and the dreamy quality in them.

  15. Those photos of the bees are gorgeous! What a lucky find with that bee! I have share this photos to all my friends.

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