Thursday, April 19, 2012

This and That About A Lot

Oh my goodness, today has been a whirlwind of 'to-do's', Bible Study this morning, drive up to see my sweetheart and visit with him for awhile, over to pick up Toby from my dog-sitter, who happens to be my daughter, and I am sure she does not want to be referred to as my "dog-sitter".  Oh Toby was a happy, happy dog to see me.  Talk about feeling the love.  Then back home to ready myself for a "Birthday Bunco Dinner" for myself and another lady whose birthday happens to be close to mine.  As a group, we enjoy being together to celebrate birthdays with dinner at a nice restaurant the choice being made by the birthday girl and small birthday gifts.  Tonight I received flowers and plants (what a surprise!!) jewelry, pretty note pads, a darling SMILE plaque, and home-made toffee (I might add that the toffee will not be shared with anyone, it is mine, and mine alone.) Not only is it a lovely way to celebrate but it's also a great way to try out new restaurants in the area.  Of which we have many......35 American Traditional, 29 Italian, 20 Seafood, 21 Mexican, 27 Eclectic/International, 35 Hamburger, 11 Steak Houses and 19 Romantic (hmm, wonder what classifies a restaurant as romantic??) along with other titles such as Tapas, Salad Bars, Ice-cream Shops, etc etc.  Never, never do we have any difficulties in finding a new restaurant to whet our appetites.  If we can't settle on the 100's listed above, we have many more in the surrounding communities.

The talk is from catching up on family happenings, to what books are you reading now, what good movies have you seen lately, who is your favorite on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? to the latest news.  Sadden to hear that Dick Clarke died today.  After reading that Thomas Kinkaide, who painted beautiful images and was quite a famous artist, and Mike Wallace a TV News icon, had both passed away this past week, it did not surprise me when I read that Dick Clarke had joined them in passing.  What is it about the number 3??  Why do "things" happen in a series of 3 more times than not?  Can't explain the reason why, only that we did lose 3 men who contributed their talents in their respective fields and each of them will be missed.

As I am writing this, my eyes are beginning to droop, my brain is beginning to shut down, so I will end this now and add to it in the morning.  Remember I have many, many pics from Galveston to share.

Back again, since I babbled so much last night, I will put my focus on pics instead of words today.
For two days I wandered thru the historical neighborhoods in Galveston and found some real beauties.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do....

We have blue/green with red doors and red porch swings

sweet little cottages

beautiful porches and windows

purple ones

red, white and blue ones where even the flowers in the yard were either red, white or blue
 gorgeous entryways

even the mono-tones of grey, white & black were stunning against the greens

a widow's peak atop this gorgeous home

who said you can't have a pink house?

or a yellow house with a tire swing in front

Even this soft blue looks right at home on these shutters

I was taken with this color combo since I have a white house, I thought these dark greys, dark reds and whites were quite stunning, might consider a re-do.

oh thought this was a stunning color combo

and peach and light taupe, even the flowers match the shutter color

doesn't this look like something right out of a southern romance novel?

So, here was the first bunch of Galveston photos.  I could move into any of those homes right now, no hesitation.  But as many beautiful ones that I presented here, there were many, many more that were not as lovely.  There is still evidence of Hurricane Ike that roared thru here almost 4 years ago devastating many homes and businesses, along with beaches and piers.  They have done an amazing job of re-building, but still there is many left to tend to.

"I think the most significant work we ever do, in the whole world, in our whole life, is done within the four walls of our own home."

Sharing with Deb at This or That Thursday.....

Until next time......


  1. That was the only reason I ever visited Galveston when I lived closer. It was all about the historic homes. I only wish I'd gone on tours of some of them.

    Just like yourself, would LOVE to live in one! I love the older homes.


  2. These are all beautiful Deanna, but I don't think in all my wonderings I have ever seen that third from last house - definitely my favorite! And I love how the yellow house with tire swing turned out!

  3. Ahhh! Restaurants in the Chicago area! My favorite: Maggiano's.

  4. wow, what gorgeous homes. so lovely. i love all the colors. decorative stuff too. (:

  5. I guess I have never thought of Galveston as having so many historic homes, thanks for enlighting me. By the way Happy Belated Birthday.

  6. Oh my goodness. What gorgeous homes!! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  7. Oh my the architecture is stunning. The colors set each piece of beautifully. Full of life even though they are buildings. I too would love to take up residence in any of these homes. What pretties they are.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  8. I love the way the owners of these lovely homes have used colors to sets them off. Wonderful collection.

  9. I would be happy living in any one of these fabulous, colorful house/cottages!

  10. I am with you on how things happen in threes. Why does it always happen that way? Your pictures are stunning and I love the tire swing picture and I loved your comment about the pink house.

  11. These are truly stunning... I wish they made houses like this where I'm from, I'd never stop taking photos!

  12. Sounds like you had a nice birthday! I love all the colorful homes you shared. Very fun!

  13. So many beautiful homes.. I would love to visit there someday!! Sounds like you are one busy gal!! Hope you had a happy Birthday!



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