Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

I have been participating in the Leap Into Spring photo challenge (always up for a good challenge) and this week's prompt is "water, rain, etc."  I have waited all week for it to rain here, and it did on Friday night, but by the time I got out with my camera all the puddles, drops, and splashes had disappeared.  So I am going to have to revert to some of my older pics....not too old, less than a month, to fill this post with water and things associated with water.

First up...a little story.  One afternoon I was sitting on my brother's deck in Galveston, half snoozing, half looking around for any possible photo ops when I spotted this heron across the canal.  I watched and this is what unfolded....

Wonder if there is anything edible in these waters...Hmmm, is anybody watching?

Maybe if I lean over I can find something...

Oh just a little bit further...oh I hope nobody is watching my butt sticking out but whatever that is, I just have to get it...

Ahh got it but not sure it was worth all that effort.

The next day, it turned cloudy and the ocean became really rough, but rough seas never stopped AJ from tackling the waves....

The remains of little bits from the sea, I love the trail of bubbles.....

Hoping to get a pic of some brightly colored umbrellas lined up on the beach we stopped and wandered around....the pics were not what I wanted, I didn't want all those people cluttering up my shot but they did not listen to me when I asked them to leave and I even said please.

I did see this cutie patootie having fun all by himself....wonder if he has aspirations of becoming a plumber?

Lovers on the beach....reminds me of that song from Grease..."You're the one that I want. ohh ohh ohh"

And finally, several of the evenings we would make it a point to be at the beach for the sunset, we had it timed perfectly for the best shots.  I would come home with probably 100 shots of that evening's sunset, but this one surprised me.  I think it was just a a moment when my focus was on the bushes and there must have been a cloud that surrounded the sun just perfectly that it resulted in this heart shape.  I added the text, but did nothing to the pic itself.

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Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and a marvelous week ahead....

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  1. I love all those photos, but I LOVE the sunset photo. It really does look like a perfectly shaped heart. How special and rare is that?!

    Thanks for sharing, and Happy Sunday!


  2. Here from Simple Things Sunday.
    Love the sunset heart. That's amazing. But, so are all of the others. Well done.

  3. I like the future plumber :-)

  4. Seriously crackin me up, Deanna. The little aspiring plumber is too much. lol. Your shot of AJ splashing through the water is probably my fav shot. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your pics and cute stories and linking to our Leap into Spring Challenge!

  5. These are fun shots and I love your commentary. The sunset heart is amazing!

  6. Wanted to add that I love your header!

  7. What great pictures. They are all so wonderful. I like them all. Thanks for sharing.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  8. Enjoyed your commentary with the heron photos. The lil' plumbers crack is just too cute!

  9. I love the bubbles on the beach pic but that sunset picture is nothing short of a miracle! You really must be a Heron mind reader too, what a fun post.

  10. These are so great! Love the little plumber. The heron is so fun. I enjoyed the whole set!

  11. I love this post, Deanna! So full of fun and surprises. That sunset photo is a wonder. xoxo

  12. Deanna, these are a wonderful set of images! I love the Heron story!! It looks like you're really enjoying the beach!!

  13., love the budding plumber (and laughing out loud). And are - you - kidding - me ? HOLY Canoly what are the chances of getting a heart shaped sun! Woowwwweeee!

  14. Such a beautiful post filled with incredible photos!

  15. Beautiful photos - love love the bubbles!

  16. It may not know that thousands of people are watching in the Internet.

  17. I was so waiting for the heron to fall in, however, I did like your interpretation of the moment. Fabulous captures. Your water photos are lovely.

  18. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is my first time visiting here and I'm in love! It's late right now, but I will certainly be back for some more! I love this post, I love this story, I love your pictures! I also very much love the processing of your photos. They look like they should be in a storybook!
    Thanks so much for sharing them!


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