Friday, April 27, 2012

Target Can Be A Dangerous Place

There was a time that I had a "member's card" for Sam's Club, but I found that everytime I went to Sam's I would spend hoards of money.  Now granted some of that money was spent on necessary things, but other times I would come home with frozen goods that eventually would turn into something I no longer recognized, books that would sit on the bookshelf never to be picked up again, boxes of cereal that would be hard as a rock by the time we would get to the 4th box in the pack and various and assorted other things that at the time I thought really I needed.  I am sure that Sam's has it's place among large families, but since I am down to one, Sam's is not where I need to shop.

So what do I do, go to Target instead.  That also can be a dangerous place to shop.  Like Sam's Target has EVERYTHING.  Oh my from soup to nuts, or from TV's to gardening supplies, or from gift wrapping to picture frames, or from cosmetics to books.  I could go on and on, but if you have a Super Target near you, you know exactly what I mean.  After my movie club outing on Monday the Super Target was in the same shopping area, so I stopped to do a little shopping.  You see that word "little", ha....$327.79 later I walked out of Target thinking what the he_ _ did I buy for $327.79?  And just like Sam's I get sucked in to buying  things I probably didn't need.  Remember there is only one of me now, not a huge family. But I do have to tell you about 3 "new" products that came home in that $327.79 shopping bag.

This new box of I have always been a Triscuit fan ever since I can remember.  I did not realize Triscuit has been in production since  If you want to read more about Triscuit just follow this link to Wikepdia.  Learn something new everyday.  But I digress, they have a new flavor...DILL and it is yummy.

Second, this lovely looking box of tea.  I really don't know if this is a new product, but I was attracted to it by 1) it's pretty box and 2) it had the words calming, sleep...words that appeal to me.  I have had a cup each night since I purchased it and it does seem to work (keeping fingers crossed).  

And third, oh my goodness, why did somebody not tell me about this new product??  Chocolate and Cream Cheese together, in a container ready to be spread on anything and everything, even fingers.  Just buy it is all I can say.  And I checked the calories, none.... but ofcourse right now I have misplaced my glasses.  

Share if you have found a new product that gets you excited, word of mouth is the best advertisement.

"There is always something left to love.  And if you ain't learned that, you ain't learned nothin'"  ~  Lorraine Hansberry

Until next time.....


  1. please let me know what you think of the tazo tea. i love their teas. the chocolate spread i've been hesitate because i don't know which of them to try. i believe there are 3 different chocolates to try... & i'm trying to be good. notice i say "trying" ... ha. ha!! can't wait to hear you afterthoughts. have a great weekend. (:

  2. Oh this made me laugh. I do the same thing just about everytime I leave Target. I go in for a gift bag, cards and an inexpensive birthday gift for one of my sons preschool friends and I leave with oh so much more. So much for a quick trip.

  3. You . . . crack me up! I love Target, that's why I try to stay out whenever possible, it just sucks my money right out of my purse. And DILL, that's one I have not tried, but the roasted garlic (can't remember if there is another flavor that goes with it) is really good. Have not tried the chocolate cream cheese, but that would be so good on a have me very hungry right now! ; )

  4. A Super Target!? I'd die! I love target! And you've made me hungry;)

  5. you are funny ms deanna. I do go to Costco and I have gotten pretty good at not buying the bulk stuff unless it will not parish. I also get prescriptions there and save a lot on that. I love Costco but I also like Super Target, now that is worse for me than Costco so I only go in very little.

    I also really like the Tazo tea, I have tried the Wild Sweet Orange really like it.

  6. The cream cheese sounds perfect....better not find those glasses in a hurry. Always nice to have time to browse and find something nice and new to try.

  7. Yep. Been there, done that. The cream cheese does sound good. :)

  8. Oh, Deanna, you do make me laugh! I am guilty, too, of spending too much money at Target but my excuse is that it's far enough away that I only make the trip once and sometimes twice per month. Have a great weekend!

  9. I did not know about the chocolate/cream cheese. I will definitely look for it.
    I don't believe I've visited here before. Beautiful blog!

  10. I like the sound of the chocolate and cream cheese...anything with chocolate gets my attention.

  11. oh yes! i've been there...done that!

    you did make me hungry!
    have a great weekend!

    1. Yummm sums this up. Chocolate and cream cheese two of the most dreamyest food textures for the pallet. I am going to have to look for this.

      @ 3Beeze Homestead

  12. Oh, yes, Tar-jay is a dangerous place! They have had some really cute clothes lately at the one near me! Wait, did you say chocolate? I've gotta get me some of that!


  13. Did you use your Target Red Card for a discount? Target has the same effect on me.

  14. We have'nt got a Target here, but do have similar ones here in Portugal.It's such a temptation,and I think we are all targeted, in the same way, and it's not our fault!!!Have already tried the chocolate and cheese spread which is delicious
    and will now look out for the tea.:)

  15. We're learning all about Target! must.stay.away. :)

  16. We have a new Target right down the street.. I just love that store.. I could waste away a whole afternoon in there.. Thanks for those yummy tips.. I am going to have to try all of them..

    Hope you are having a happy weekend.



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