Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday ~

It is abnormally cool, kinda wet, but not enough wet and dreary....just the kind of dreary that makes an afternoon of snuggled up on the couch reading pure pleasure.  Started a new book, Faith by Jennifer Haigh which is our book-club choice for May.  Should bring a lot of discussion due to the subject Irish Catholic priest from Boston is accused of child molestation and it's effects it has on him and his family.  It's fiction, but I am sure very real-life telling.  And, before you know it, it is going to be warm enough to sit and read on the backporch, which is on my list of top 10 things to do any day, every day.

March was so incredibly warm that I really hoped that April would continue, but not so.  April turned out to be almost like March usually is, cool, cloudy, blustery.  Between the confusing weather patterns and all that crazy talk about the Mayan calendar and the "end" of the world I was beginning to freak myself out.  As a result I thought, crazy thoughts, what if all this talk is true??  And then it dawned on me, why worry, if it happens there isn't a darn thing anybody can do.   Prepare yourself spiritually and go forward with your daily living.  And on top of all that, who says the Mayan's are the one's that end this world?  I do believe that power and that decision belongs to someone far greater than the Mayans.  And right now I am wondering how I ever got onto this subject.

Next subject.....this morning my good friend, Marti hosted a wonderful brunch today as a fund raiser for one of her favorite charities, one that she has invested much of her time and heart to, The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research.  There were approximately 20 women that attended, some I knew, some I didn't but it was a delightful morning and a delicious brunch.  Marti outdid herself on the food and her hospitality.  As a thank-you for our donations, not only did we enjoy the over-the-top mouthwatering brunch but we all took home a T-shirt (Marti is modeling).  We were invited to wear our pajamas and I really thought about it, but changed my mind and wore just regular clothes.  Several did wear their comfy pj's, lucky them, their waistline's were all stretch elastic, they could handle more food intake than I could with regular slacks.

On each table, Marti had placed these darling pots of Ranunculas with a THANKS pic sticking out of each pot, which I am sure she did herself, Marti is quite the talented lady.

I stepped outside momentarily because her backyard was beginning to show it's color with these beautiful flowers....the perennial geranium.....

and the Aliums were beginning to burst into bloom.....

After that wonderful layout of food, I came home to sit and read for awhile, but not for head began to bob, and slumber set in.

I am linking up today over at Nancy's A Rural Journal, she is hosting a link-up in honor of a blogging friend that is suffering from cancer.  We were asked to deliver flowers to Leontien by way of Nancy's blog...what a sweet, sweet gesture.  Praying for strength and healing for you, huge virtual hugs.

"Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small.  We haven't the time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time."  ~  Georgia O'Keeffe

Until next time.....


  1. THANK YOU, deanna, for posting to support leontien today! you have added to her bouquet quite nicely! :)

  2. O yes….Leontien need this !!! for all the blog girls who give her flowers today !!…glad you did this….love Ria…xxx…

  3. Love reading about you day my friend.. Your flower shots are so pretty!


  4. I've been watching the Red Sox play (beat) the White Sox and thinking of you because I see how cold the players have been. It's been chilly here as well, too chilly for my liking. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Beautiful images! I love the alium; beautiful details and stunning color! It also has a gorgeous soft background! I'm working on my backgrounds more, they just make the subject pop!

  6. The fund raiser and Flowers for Leontien post -- serendipitous!

    Beautiful flower captures as always, Deanna. Thank you so much for taking the time to participate at Flowers for Leontien! xoxo

  7. Your flowers are always just lovely. I especially like the Rannucula.

  8. A beautifully perfect delivery. B


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