Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I picked up another book (so what's new?) at B&N while I was in Phoenix entitled Words of Wisdom for Women and thought I would share some of the thoughts of wisdom.  And speaking of wisdom, today in Bible Study we talked about the differences between knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is the knowing, wisdom is the knowing how to use the knowledge.  So as I read these words I will gain knowledge, by doing them I will gain wisdom.

As I picked up the book, and began to glance through it I came upon the word OPEN.  This being Spring, the season of re-newal and opening I thought my first post from this book should be about OPEN.  Think about the word open.....OPEN your mouth, exhale and say ahhhhh, doesn't that feel good?  Do whatever you can to OPEN your heart, and after that, OPEN it wider. OPEN your eyes and take a good look around you....

OPEN the gate to your secret garden.  OPEN that old shoebox on the top shelf in your closet and re-read those old love letters from your sweetheart.  OPEN that envelope one more time.  OPEN a book that you always wanted to read and read the afternoon away without any guilt.

When opportunity knocks, OPEN the door, you never know what might be waiting.  OPEN a bag of cheddar cheese popcorn (or whatever makes you happy) and eat the whole thing.  OPEN up all the places inside you that have shut down and rusted over the years.

When you want to breathe, I mean really breathe OPEN your mouth and OPEN your lungs and take those deep long breaths. OPEN up yourself and see how easy it becomes to OPEN up to others.  Now OPEN yourself wide to amazements...

"Life is too short to short yourself on life."  ~  Terri Atkinson

Until next time....


  1. you are one busy lady. traveling, bible class, going to the book store, wow ... when do you take time to relax? wow!! love the work here. sometimes i wonder do we really think to breathe or does it just happen. & when i do think about it. i wonder i don't think i have breathed like that in a long time. so relaxing!! thanks, for your words. (:

  2. Love these words. They are wise words. Realizing that it is time to slow down in this busy life, take time to breath, OPEN my eyes, my heart, my mind to the wonders around me. Thank you for these words of truth.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. Wonderful thoughts and beautiful photos. Were these also taken with your 105mm?

  4. Did you use the Velvet Truffle action with these photos? I'm only asking because they are gorgeous!

  5. I think I saw myself...reading the afternoon away without feeling guilty.

  6. I agree with Kathy, the photos are gorgeous! And I love how you expressed the word open....

  7. Good post,lovely photos and meaningful words.My door is always open to family and friends,especially during this Easter period.I'm also exspecting friends from abroad who will be staying with us for some weeks, and after my next post I'll be taking a blog break,so will take this opportunity to send you my good wishes for a very Happy Easter.:)

  8. Gorgeous images and wonderfully expressed thoughts. Did not get the chance to relax and breathe throughout today...but I'm doing it now.

  9. I love this Deanna! What a great word! I am trying to open up a lot of things myself! This is so encouraging! Just what I needed today!


  10. Wonderful thoughts and exquisite photos, Deanna! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely weekend ahead and a joyous Easter!

  11. Another wonderful post.. And your photos are fabulous.. Love your editing.


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