Monday, April 30, 2012

Life in the Middle

This week, Janice from Prompt Addicts, a flickr group I participate in, challenged us to place our subject smack dab in the middle of our images.  I have been so focused on making sure my subjects are not smack in the middle due to the lessons learned about composition, ie: off-center creates more interest etc etc that to be able to shed this concentration has been almost liberating.  And along with this challenge more thoughts on the subject of "middle" have cropped up in my mind....cropped, funny I can't seem to go too far from photography terms.  I have lived a fairly "middle" life....

  • I grew up in a "middle"-class family
  • Always made "middle" kinda grades, not all A's & B's and not all D's & F's
  • In high school, I was not the most popular, but not the least either
  • I now live in a "mid"-priced home, not over the top, but not the other side of the tracks type
  • I live in the "Mid"-west
  • My politics are "middle" of the road, I go for the man & the issues, not so much the party.
  • I have the perfect "middle" America family, one husband, one daughter, one son and one dog
  • I managed to climb to "middle" management when I worked for AT&T
  • I am awake far too often in the "middle" of the night
  • I am sorta (not quite) "mid"-height
  • I always wear shoes with "mid" heels, would absolutely fall over if I put on those high heels
It's not so bad being in the middle, in fact it is quite comfortable, not complacent, just comfortable.  If I was at the top of my class, the most popular, lived in the best neighborhood, made it to president of the company I do believe the stress would be over-whelming to remain "the best, and on the "top".  I'll stick with the middle and be happy.

These are my "middle" images....It rained last night so I jumped at the opportunity to photograph some raindrops...

Caught this of my brother one day at the beach....he looks so troubled, wonder what he was thinking....??  Then again, he may have been rubbing the sea and salt from his eyes...who knows?

Cattle in the middle of beach country...(if you look closely, the beach is beyond the fence in the background)

Sacred Heart Church, Galveston, TX - it would probably be a good idea of we Christians would keep Christ smack dab in the middle of our lives.

And finally, this little poster that I designed and am having printed indicating that everyone doesn't have to be the best, it really takes a lot of "middle" to create the beautiful.

 then, she {snapped}

"You have a unique message to deliver; a unique song to sing, a unique act of love to bestow.  This message, this song, and this act of love have been entrusted exclusively to the one and only you."  ~  John Powell, S.J.

Until next time....


  1. I like your "in the middle" photos!! They are beautifully photographed and textured. :)

  2. Love these, I just found myself making a 'middle' photo too, it felt odd...but they do work really well sometimes, as your do here :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!! My favorite is the drop on the flower bud! I love how you did the textures on this one and the middle does work gloriously for it.

  4. I think 'middle' looks great!

  5. I have lots of middle in my life too: I'm mid-way through my life; I have a mid-range alto singing voice; I have an expanding middle; and I know that sometimes it's fun to break those photography rules - sometimes 'in the middle' works beautifully, as your photos show! Really a fun post and lovely photos. Thanks for the bliss list comment - hope you join in.

  6. Deanna! These photos are all just stunning!!

  7. Deanna, I enjoyed this post so much! Your images are beautifully and all of them do so well "in the middle"! I have a very similar "middle" life as yours. Only, I'm a middle child!! I love the poster you designed! You're very talented!!

  8. Boy isn't that the truth. If we kept Christ at the center of our lives and trusted in him to lead us instead of trying to handle it ourselves we would be a lot better off. I like the middle too it is comfortable. Love your pictures Deanna. Have a great week.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  9. Interesting texture and washed out tones.

  10. Sorry but this post is anything but average. One of the best I have read in a long, long time. Your "in the middle" photos are amazing and prove that breaking the traditional rules of composition can work if you do it right. But most of all your words were so touching! I'm so very glad for your visit today or I may have missed this top-notch post.

    Thank you,


  11. Hope it is ok, I just had to pin your quote!

  12. I love this, maybe because I'm in the middle too! And composition, well that's always relative and based on ones perspective and I've seen plenty of images that fall into the rules that are missing much! I love your middle pictures, especially the second and third ones, and Mr. Van Dykes quote is another of my favorites!

  13. I have a REALLY hard time comprising a photo with something smack dab in the middle too. And it's funny, I think I'm in the middle for alot of things in my life too...and I seem to always be trying to get out of the center too! :)

  14. Love your shots. They look great smack dab in the middle.. Hee Hee.. That is always tough for me also. Like you I am definitely a middle of the road kinda gal. And I couldn't be happier right were I am!


  15. Maybe your brother was playing hide and seek? Lol.

    And your peonies could be my peonies. Same color, same bud size. :)

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  17. Wonderful post and not at all "middle of the road" - I love the BW of the Dandelion

  18. I forgot to add that the "perfect" middle-class family should also own a Cat!

  19. Oh, I love this post! I'm a middle kind of person too.

  20. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I showed off your beautiful pictures this week at Love Bug! Check them out :) Photo Show Off


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