Saturday, January 21, 2012

According to Real Simple

I subscribe to a few magazines, everything from women's stuff, to photography, to food, to decorating and to entertainment.  I enjoy reading these magazines, but I have to admit that the only ones I read consistently are People and Entertainment Weekly, after all if you wait two weeks to read an article in either one of these periodicals the "so in love" couple two weeks ago, may now be on the "he broke my heart" list .  I know, who cares and no apologies, I just enjoy reading them.  Which means that sometimes I fall behind on reading the other magazines that come through the door on a monthly basis.  They become stacks next to my bed that eventually fall over and then become a hazardous walking condition...have you ever slipped on a magazine?  Not a pretty sight.  In the last couple of days I have picked up the January & February issues of "Real Simple".  And do I have good news for you.....according to Real Simple, in a study of 50,000 women (a substantial amount) if we drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day we are 15% less likely to get depressed and even better, if we down 4 cups we are 20% less likely to develop depression.  So drink up, have another cup of coffee.  If you are a tea drinker, then you might want to consider switching or adding the drink that wards off, the happy drink.

 And even better yet, the chocolate news.  Again, according to "Real Simple" we NEED at least 2 doses of chocolate to reap its potential health benefits??...hallelujah.  A report published in the British Medical Journal found that after several studies, those that consumed chocolate at least twice a week were 37% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease and 29% less likely to suffer a stroke.  Oh those Brits....I could just reach out and give them a great big chocolate hug.  So pop those chocolate truffles in your mouth and remember, it's for your health's sake.

I kept telling myself all day, get outside and take some pictures of that snow.  Mother Nature gave us a good helping, about 7 1/2 inches for us, and I think further north more.  I was ready to get dressed and try to start the snowblower when I heard my neighbors shoveling my walks and driveway.  I love my neighbors.  I did get dressed, but didn't make it outside until late this afternoon.  I love the way the snow collects on top of the dried hydrangeas.  

And my lovely tulips are still picture worthy, at least for one more day.

So today you have learned a good lesson, drink that coffee and eat those chocolates, all for your health's sake and don't let anyone tell you differently, it's all according to Real Simple. 

"I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor.  Do you know your next door neighbor?"  ~  Mother Teresa 

Until next time.....


  1. Deanna ... I LOVE your new avatar and that hair style is smashing! You look 10 years younger.

  2. first off, your new haircut looks so nice! it really suits you : ) and thanks for the chocolate tip...i had my weeks worth today! also, the snow looks so lovely on those hydrangeas...i have snow-envy, and would like to see some more snow photos...i'm putting my order in from rainy california : )

  3. I drink almost a pot of coffee a day.... must be downright delerious with joy! :). Haha, the whole "slipping on magazines" comment...have you been watching me?


  4. Love the new haircut and happy the snow covered hydrangeas and gorgeous tulip shots.

    I can't live without my coffee and chocolate fixes.

  5. Lovely post and very beautiful photos Deanna. Like the news on chocolate too but I prefer at least two doses a day..... (no, I'm not overweight, a matter of good choices+chocolate+activity).

    Love your new profile pic, your haircut is beautiful.

  6. Am so glad to learn that I'm in good mental state and am heart healthy...but I don't always get the requisite four hugs a day. Hope you do!

    Lovely images Deanna.

  7. Ooooh...I love this. With all the coffee and chocolate I consume, I must be in perfect health! ;)


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