Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dripping Will Continue

After 4 attempts at seeing my Dr. for a yearly physical, I finally managed to make & keep an appointment Monday morning.  I blogged about these earlier "attempts" so I won't re-hash the why's.  Being the first appointment of the day you would think I could get in and out in a reasonable length of time.  But, as suspected, she (the Dr.) hadn't even arrived.  So after sitting with parts of my anatomy exposed for far too long, she finally appeared in the examining room.  "Any complaints?," she asks.  I do have this dripping in my nose, which in turn drips into my throat, which in turn (well, never mind you don't need to know that part).  As she sits in her chair, she begins this long litany of questions about when it happens the most, blah blah blah.  After all is said and done, she is convinced that I have an allergy to my dog.  WHAT???  An allergy to Toby, no way.  She then tells me I should keep him out of my bedroom, and definitely no sleeping in the room.  I didn't dare tell her he sleeps in bed with me.  So guess what??  I will live with the dripping, it is a small price to pay for the companionship Toby gives me.

Along with the dog advice, she also wants me to have a bone density scan, a heart scan, lose weight, get more exercise, etc etc.  The heart scan is a must-do since my Mom's side of the family all had heart conditions and my Mom passed away from a stroke.  And since February is Heart Month, there is a clinic here that is offering the Heart Scans in February for $25.00.  For $25.00 it could eventually save my life by discovering any problems that may be building that I am not even aware of.  Heart disease can be sneaky, you don't even know it's coming until it may be too late.  One of our State Senators, 52 years old, just suffered a massive stroke on Sunday.  He survived, but it will be a long, long road to any kind of recovery.

After leaving the Dr.'s office, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some "healthy" foods.  This morning I mixed fresh blueberries, with clementine oranges and a dollup of low-fat vanilla yogurt on top.  The pairing of blueberries and oranges not only looks good, but is mighty lip-smacking tasty.  Healthy can be good.

After breakfast I decided a walk was in order since exercise is on the list.  While walking I snapped this pic.  What is it about pinecones that always get my attention?  No matter how many times I see them, stumble on them, pick them up, get their sticky sap on my fingers that is almost impossible to wash off I seem to be drawn to them.  But I'm guessin' I'm not the only one, I see lots and lots of pinecones on blogs, on flickr, in classes.

And one (I promise, at least for this bunch) last image of the tulips, dropping their petals one by one.

"Every day that we wake up is a good day.  Every breath that we take is filled with hope for a better day.  Every word that we speak is a chance to change what is bad into something good." ~ Walter Mosley

Until next time.....


  1. As I scrolled through your blog I see one beautiful image after another. Your skill with a camera is apparent - love your closeups and the use of Kim's textures - I participate with her Tues Texture too so hopefully will see you there again - there are a lot of participants, so it's impossible to visit them all!

  2. How come healthy food always looks better elsewhere.. I have the most difficult time eating healthy.. But I have to say that fruit and yogurt looks so yummy. What a great photo..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. my mom recently went for her yearly physical & was told after her bone density scan that needed to take that pill i believe it is the commercial with sally fields "boniva"... well, with all the side effect & other issues. we are telling mom to try other methods. such as working out at the gym doing strength training. you should look into that. not that you want big muscles or anything but you want to keep your muscles working good for years to come. even pick up some weight at the store (walmart). or where ever you shop. i don't think doctors really know how annoying or frustrating it is for shy people to have their goodies all hanging out. silly i tell ya. i love the photos. wish you well on this. (:

  4. I am totally hooked on Greek yogurt now. It is higher in protein, I get the plain non-fat and add stevia and vanilla extract...then strawberries and a bit of granola...yummo! I'd been on Boniva for 2 years due to my bone density scan. I also started lifting weights and now I'm on a Boniva "holiday" (as my dr. calls it). The last bone scan showed marked improvement due to weightlifting and the med. Go get that heart checked and your bone scan! I HATE exercising but..it is a necessary evil for me :)


  5. An allergy to your sweet dog? Sorry to hear that. I hope you get a good report on the rest of your tests.

  6. That's good that you were finally able to make it to your physical. I'll bet it's a relief to have that all over with...although now there is all the other stuff they want you to do. I haven't went to the doctor for five years. I'm trying not to think about it :)

  7. Breakfast looks delicious. Love the photos.

  8. Yeah, it seems I need my 50,000 mile check up on everything a little early. Everything has decided to break down at the same time! lol Heck, it's expensive to get old!!

  9. Oh, beautiful pics AND, it may not be the dog, but what the dog brings in from outside that you may be allergic to.....?

  10. As always a pleasure to view your post and read your thoughts.
    First on the "Allergy" issue - Go to an allergy specialist. I'm allergic to cats and 5 of them sleep with us. I take injections every month and that has helped. Plus allergy medication daily.
    It's great you are eating healthy - I'm slowly trying but it's not an easy process when you have a sweet tooth.
    Loved the Pine Cone photo.


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