Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hang My Head in Solecism Shame

I have this little icon on my computer's home page entitled "the word of the day"....I have really never paid any attention to it, but today for some reason I clicked on it and the word for today is "solecism".  Ever heard of it? me neither, but the meaning is "a breach of good manners or etiquette".  How coincidental, because I committed a solecism today without even knowing it.  Today was book-club #1 (I call it that because I belong to 3 bookclubs and this one is the first to meet each month) and prior to the start of the presentation today, the chairman politely asks us to turn our cell-phones off during the speaker's presentation.  I did not turn mine off because I so rarely get a call on my cell phone and, you guessed it, it rang.  I quickly scrambled to reach into my purse to turn it off, but not before the woman in the row ahead of me gave me "the" look.  I had committed a solecism, I had not turned off my cell-phone.  Hang my head in solecism shame.

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.:  ~  Katherine Hepburn

Until next time.....


  1. I never obey the rules and can I just tell you, I NEVER miss out any of the fun because of it! Hah! ;)

    Love your word of the day, its a good one "solecism".

    And that's a lovely white tulip, Deanna. I love it when tulips hang their heads in shame like that, to me, that is when they are the most lovely.

    Also, I love the word you've chosen for the year! I'm still workin' on mine. (biting nails...) :-|

  2. tee hee . . .

    gorgeous photo!!

  3. Ooo, love your blue!

    I committed a solecism in yoga class a few weeks ago when my cell phone rang and I got a tsk! tsk! from a classmate. Oops! Well behaved women rarely make history, right? lol

  4. Ouch, oh dear, never mind. We all unintentionally make mistakes, but being found out makes it harder to forget.

    Love your photo, perfectly matches your message.

  5. Interesting word...beautiful soft image.

  6. I'll have to add that to my word pool! ha And I think we have all committed those, but I like what Becky Sue said . . . ; )

  7. That could have been me all the way, Deanna - this really made me smile! Had the same thing happening to me, too! :-) Thanks for the new word - I love to learn new things! Wonderful photo and quote, btw!

  8. Well now I've learned a new word as I had not heard that one before. - Love the photo you used to go with your entry. I can so relate as I hardly ever get calls either and believe it or not I have no clue how to turn my cell phone off either! - Happy New Year!

  9. Now that's funny!! Not really.. But it did make me smile.. Your photo is GORGEOUS.

    Hugs, Linda

  10. "Solecism"...oh man I'm gonna KILL on "Words with Friends" with this addition! :) Thanks!


  11. Great story -- who hasnt done that?

    It just reminds us that even when we least expect things... serendipity -- a NEW story to tell.

    I love that droopy tulip-- its like they are saying " Im too tired to be pretty and perky all the time" I feel like that wayyyy too often.



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