Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anything But Brown

It's not pretty here, we have absolutely no snow which always pretties things up a bit for a while until it turns into slush.  Brown is the predominant color outside and since I am such a COLOR person, winter tends to cause me to go in search of color and signs of life.  I grabbed my camera for a quick trip to the back-yard in search of that color that I so yearn for.  The sun was shining which in itself means life and because it has been so unusually  warm this winter I found leaves clinging to a bush that were still slightly green.  Oh does that mean Spring is not far?....HA who am I kidding, this is January 4th, the only way I would feel the warmth of Spring is to move or take an extended vacation like many do at this time of year (scratch that idea, no money in the til for extended vacations).  I do remember days in January that were warm enough for a quick swim when I lived in Dallas, TX  and by March the trees had blossomed and flowers were in bloom.  Hmmmm does sound tempting.  But for right now, I will have to be satisfied with walks around the yard, catching glimpses of greens, or reds, or yellows, or blues....anything but brown.

I know I said no brown, but I find these seed heads of the Monarda just down right fascinating.  So I cheated and added some brown, actually several shades of brown.

I am hoping your days are filled with color....anything but brown unless it is fascinating.

"My whole life is an adventure.  But you don't have to do something racy and wild to have an adventure.  You can have one in your own backyard."  ~  Gary Paulsen

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  1. Lovely photos and wonderful quote, Deanna! I don't like brown either but it's the predominant colour here, too! No snow and no spring! Though I, too, love that brown photo - fantastic details!

  2. Adventures in the backyard are wonderful, there always seems to be something worthy of a closer look as you have shown here too.

  3. Great job of finding "bits and pieces" of color. No snow here either (okay by me though).
    Love those Monarda heads.

  4. Oh yes... I know the color Brown all to well.. I live in the desert. Which I know there is green but nothing like other parts of the country. One day I hope to live where it is Green!! We shall see...

    Your Brown shots still like pretty for the color brown! Hee Hee..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. UGH...brown here too. Blah, blah, blah...I have been so unmotivated to take photos since the Christmas decor came down. I need to snap out of it!


  6. Beautiful captures, we did ring in the new year in upper 70s here in Dallas!

  7. Lots of brown here too, but I have to tell you I'm loving it! I don't like all. I love the photo of the seed heads.

  8. Brown needs some love too! And yes, there's plenty of it around right now. Lovely captures, Deanna. :)


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