Monday, January 16, 2012

They Mattered

"It doesn't matter how long you live, but how well you do it."  ~  Martin Luther King, Jr.  There were three men born about the same time, each one of them making their mark on the political front and all three were gunned down, I was trying to come up with a better word than "gunned down" but unfortunately that is exactly what it was.  John F Kennedy was assassinated  in 1963, his brother Robert Kennedy in 1968, and Martin Luther King, Jr. also in 1968.  I was a young girl in 1963, had completed 2 years in college, had met the love of my life and was planning a wedding when President John F Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, came to Dallas.  It was lunchtime, and we were excited to try and catch a glimpse of the motorcade as it sped thru the city.  The streets were crowded with people like us, trying oh so hard to see the President of the United States.  As I looked around, there was a large truck with the driver sitting in the driver's seat with a perfect view....never one for shyness, I walked up to him with begging eyes and asked if we could please, please, please stand on the side-runners.  "Sure come on up" he replied, and with that we were able to climb high enough to see the President and the Mrs. First Lady in her pink suit and hat drive by waving to the crowds.  It was over in a flash, we thanked the truck driver and then went for lunch at a restaurant close-by.  As we were leaving the restaurant to return to work, a man with a portable radio walked by and said that the President had been shot.  What!!  I just saw him less than 30 minutes earlier.  The nation was shocked, I was shocked that it literally happened within 5-10 minutes after I was standing on top of a truck waving furiously, so filled with excitement to be a part of this welcoming crowd.

A few years later, married and a young mother two more would be "gunned down".  Today as we celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. I wonder what our nation would be like if these three men had lived to continue their journey.  I think it mattered how long these three lived, I think it mattered to their families, their wives and children, it mattered for all that believed in their work, it mattered that they were not able to finish their dreams.  God bless you Martin, Robert & John you mattered. 

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  1. Wow, what an interesting read...can't believe you were an eye witness to that day in Dallas.


  2. A truly beautiful tribute Deanna, and an equally beautiful photograph.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us at The Creative Exchange today.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  3. first time her!

    i just loved your blog and your beautiful images!

    have a great week ahead!

  4. All of us who are old enough remember where we were when
    the news of President Kennedy's assassination broke.
    Seared in our memories.

    I, too, make "Blessings" cards (what I call photos with Bible verses).
    This one you made is gorgeous; I love it!

  5. Beautiful picture and verse to go along with it!

    I got your email...thanks (I'll be sending your book today).

  6. Gorgeous. The photo and quote compliment each other so nicely.

  7. The photo and quote go perfectly together, especially because of your processing. It's beautiful! And what an amazing story - as sad as it is, you were able to be a part of the whole event.

  8. so beautiful, deanna! i forgot how very lovely your photography is. and i'm so glad to have discovered your blog. i am now a follower, and will be adding it to my blog roll!

    great verse today, too. thanks for stopping by my blog/t.t. post today. hugs.


  9. So pretty!

    I love that heart shaped bird nest in your blog header - it's so cute! :)

  10. So beautiful!!!
    Lovely day to you.
    Greetings from Hilda

  11. Beautiful words and while the recollection of your story is tragic, your heart was fully in it - then and now. Thank you for sharing.

    Lovely photograph as well, Deanna.

  12. Heart-felt post Deanna. President Clinton was here before the election. He wore a pink knit shirt.

    And you image is absolutely gorgeous. Let me know when you begin your tutorials!

  13. Very thought-provoking post, Deanna. I've thought many times about the "what if" of the lives of these men. Our nation was poorer for their violent deaths.

  14. Thanks for sharing this story, Deanna !
    Your photo is wonderful !
    Lovely wishes,

  15. What a wonderful tribute and photo pairing! Thanks for your comment at CE:)

  16. It certainly is a very thought provoking post, and a beautiful image and scripture, Deanna! My first time here from Katie's site, and yes, I remember that day long ago! I was young, but your story brought back the memories of that tragic time. We wonder why things like that happen, especially to good people. The world is ever changing ... even more so now, and this scripture is surely one to hold onto during these uncertain times! Blessings ~


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