Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories Dreams and Reflections of 2011

Happy New Year to all!!  Ashley Sisk (The Scavenger Hunt Sunday lady) has a new challenge for us today.  She let us know in plenty of time to begin the gathering of photos for this challenge seeins' there was 25 prompts instead of the usual 5, but did I prepare, did I begin my search, did I gather my thoughts before this already know the answer to those questions.  I seem to be remaining pretty status quo with bad habits.  Note to self (work on that procrastination habit in 2012) But I gathered what I could on short notice, not Ashley's but mine.  And here it is....

1.  Me (never like showing my mug)  Need my hair cut!! and some new wrinkle remover.

2. I Love You.  These are my sweethearts hands holding on to my heart

3.  Still Laughing....My Bunco Babes are always a laugh a minute!!

4.  Winter Wonderland....Image from last winter since we obviously have had no snow this year.  This was taken the day Catherine and I had our first Friday Foto Fun Day.

5.  Birthday......Not exactly a "birthday", but this was a thank-you card front for some chocolates that a friend gave me for my birthday...

6.  Friends....Thank God for Friends!!!!  Way too many pics to choose from so I am just skipping this one, but I love them all!!

7.  I was inspired......I absolutely love, love, love hand shots (I have several holidays covered here, Halloween, Christmas & Easter.

8.  Spring Fever...This was hard to narrow down to one.  I started getting Spring Fever as far back as late January, so lots & lots of pics to choose from.  Tulips were my obvious choice for spring flower.

9.  Travel or Vacation....hmmm hard to choose from Colorado, New Mexico or California....but this is one of my favorites from my travels this year...Pagosa Springs, CO.

10.  Summer the summer my day always begins with a sit on the porch, a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.  The remainder of the day is up for grabs.  

11.  A Day in My Life....oh it varies from day to day, but one of my favorite ways to while away the hours especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon is by reading.  Nothing better than a good book to spend your day with.  

12.  All grandkids and kids were all smiles when they opened up their Christmas boxes this year.  They were filled with money (who said money can't buy happiness?? well at least it brought smiles to their faces for this prompt...ha ha!!)  

13.  Autumn Harvest....well not exactly a harvest, but the trees in this park said autumn to me.....

14.  Family - Home........the pathway that leads into our home that has been filled with so much love and so many happy, happy memories.

15.  Celebrate.....Last night I greeted the New Year by going out to dinner with friends and then to see Tom Cruise (still looking good) in his latest Mission Impossible movie  Totally entertaining.  But I will have to admit I was at home in bed when the clock struck midnight, not asleep, just in bed.

16. Let's Do It Again......I love to go barn-hunting, there is so much character in old barns, wondering who has been sheltered by their roofs and walls.

17.  I miss you.....some of my Mom's painted china, I do so miss her!!

18.  Beautiful....I think my daughter's eyes are so beautiful.  She got her father's eyes, so blue with beautiful long eye-lashes.

19.  Dress-Up......Brie's Senior Prom was last May and she was so beautiful all dressed up.  

20.  Macro....

21.  Holidays......this year was different than any other Thanksgiving in the past with me spending it in California with Lane and his soon-to-be-bride and her family.  I am usually the one cooking on Thanksgiving so it was a real treat to be treated with a delicious meal prepared by Nelly's sister.  

22.  Don't ever change.....My sweet, sweet Toby.  Any dog that allows you to put a Santa Hat on his head and then take pictures I don't want to ever, ever change.  He is my everywhere, everyday companion.

23.  My favorite.....not sure why I picked this one except that I love the softness, the simplicity, and the light all in a simple bouquet.  

24.  Just Because......just because we all need balance in our lives.....

25.  Hope and Dreams.......This I wish for all, to find the joy in all that you do in the coming year.

Whew I am done....didn't know if I was going to make it or not.  Looking back, there has been a few not-so-happy times, but the JOY far outweighed them.  Have a Happy New Year everyone!!  

Linking this up with Ashley Sisk......come see the fun.  

"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched.  Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives....not looking for flaws, but for potential."  ~  Ellen Goodman

Until next time......


  1. Fabulous set, I love your choice for every prompt. Looks like you had a wonderful year. I keep going back to your "still laughing," you all had a marvelous time, we can see it!

  2. What a beautiful collection - I especially love your travel photo. It reminds me of the Sound of Music. Happy New Year!

  3. Great job Deanna. You aren't the only procrastinator, I didn't start mine until yesterday. Initially I wasn't really intrigued by this challenge, but I have to admit....after looking back I realized I have come pretty far with my ph otography from where I started BUT...still have a long way to go! Which is a GOOD thing :)


  4. P.S. You are one beauitful lady! I don't see wrinkles and the need of a hair cut. I see sparkly eyes full of life and a warm, friendly grin. Gorgeous.


  5. You have chosen some magical images for each prompt. Wonderful memories to look back on.

  6. Deanna, I've given you a Versatile Blogger award. See details here:
    Congrats and Happy New Year!

  7. Your photos are so inspirational - making the ordinary seem extraordinary. Glad to have met you this year Deanna! May you have a blessed 2012!

  8. All of the pictures are so lovely! The bunco girls, your daughters eyes, that awesome rocking chair with amazing pillows...but the best thing of all is the picture of you. YOU are sensationally beautiful. What a smile. I can see the love shining in your eyes. Absolutely amazing.

    I hope this new year is filled with lots of joy for you and your family!

  9. Gorgeous collection, love your "I love you", birthday, beautiful and favourite. Inspired, is so beautiful, especially the one for Easter, so soft and lovely! All smiles is such a crack up, awesome captures! Happy 2012!

  10. What a beautiful glance into your life ... I hope you have a wonderful 2012 from beginning to end.

  11. Great to see photos from 2011 that I loved -- and also some that I missed. You really do have "the eye." Keep on taking those pictures, Deanna. You are so good ad it. :)

  12. Certainly a fabulous set to sum up the year. Can't wait to see what you capture this year

  13. OK.. I really don't know how I missed so many of your post.. But I am playing catch up now!! And I am so glad I did.. These are Fabulous.. EVERYONE of them... I am so looking forward to seeing what photos and stories you have for us in the New Year!

    Hugs, Linda

  14. Please forgive my laps in not visiting.

    You have such an inspiring way with everything you do. I am starting at day one and working my way up. Sorry you will be getting a bunch of emails... but I need my Deanna "fix"

    Love ya hon!

  15. So glad I found your blog. You are gorgeous and so is your photography & writing. Have a super blessed week. :)


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