Sunday, June 12, 2011

Almost All Pictures

Picture Color's prompt a couple of days ago was "create with color"....this was my choice, love glitter.  To my surprise it was the featured image on the Picture Color page on the Shutter Sisters website.  Looks kinda like pixie dust...don't I wish!!

Today the prompt on Picture Color was "dots".  Perfect for me, cause I LOVE polka dots...I could have posted a dozen shots, but kept myself to these 3.  The first one is a cute pinwheel I found while shopping at Hobby Lobby.  Lots of color at Hobby Lobby!!  The 2nd one is the back porch, again, with an added texture from Kim Klassen, and 3rd is one of the tags in the tag collage that I made a while ago that is displayed in the kitchen. 

These 2 beautiful flowers are both growing on the arbor leading to our front door.  The roses grow on one side, the clemantis on the other.  These have both been planted for at least 15 years when the trees were quite a bit shorter, now, as the trees have grown, these hardly get any sun, but they continue to bloom each year. 

These 2 are from our lovely neighbor's front yard.  They are from Poland, still speak with an accent, raise their own vegetables and love flowers.  The 1st one is a sundrop, doesn't it look just like a piece of the sun in a cute little flower?  And the 2nd one is what is left of an early spring flowers, just liked the way the light highlighted those leftover pods and all that dreamy background bokeh. 

I am laughing as I post these last 2 pics.  My next door neighbor, a single lady, who has lived next door to us for at least 15 years, refuses to take care of her yard.  When I say take care, I mean she doesn't even MOW it.  She always has had big plans (so she says) for the yard and house, but always doing it half-as_, sorry, couldn't help it.  Right now, she is under another warning, (happened last summer as well) clean up the yard or risk having the county clean it up and send her the bill for the work.  I could go on and on and on about this situation, but I won't, let's just say it is Annoying with a capital A.  The 2 pics are actually weeds or if you want to be kind and call them wildflowers, that are growing in her front yard.  I do have to admit that the "weeds" have provided me with several great shots.  Got some really good dandelion shots from her yard, again, weeds. 

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them."   A. A. Milne

Until next time......


  1. Lovely photos! The glittery one is my favorite:)

  2. My favorite of this beautiful series has to be the blue and yellow one - the one from your friends’ garden without the blooms. It is stunning and the bokeh adds so much. Lovely work this week. genie

  3. All lovely photos! I particularly like the polka dot set--polka dots make for such cheerful things!


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