Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Foto Fun

It was a beautiful day on Friday so Catherine and I decided we should go back to the country and find more barns (we both love barns) and I love animals (she likes them too, but I go a little nuts when I find animals to photograph).  We agreed to meet at the auto repair since Catherine needed to put new brakes on her car.  You are probably wondering why I am going on about the start of the day, well this is the reason.....

Yeah, it is a missing bumper on my brand new (3 month old) Honda CRV, yeah it was my fault, yeah it is going to cost $500 for the deductible, yeah, my insurance will probably go up and yeah, I was really mad.  I was backing out of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot after picking up Catherine and buying myself a chocolate covered creme filled donut and bam, I hit a large green car that I didn't see as I was backing out with a mouthful of chocolate frosting.  If I had been on a diet, it would have never happened.  Catherine was ready to cancel the day and I said, why??  the damage is done, the car is driveable, it is a beautiful day and I was looking forward to the day.  What's done is done, move forward.  Altho I admit I was a little frazzled and just so mad at myself for being so careless.  So off we went. 

Love these 2 barns.  I added a Kim Klassen texture to both of these.  I love those round roofed barns and ofcourse, nothing more country than a red barn.  I know the barn is out of focus, but believe it or not I did that on purpose.  I like the look of the grass in front with the barn in the background. 

Living in suburbia, most people don't have clotheslines, and even in some cities and towns, they are against the law.  Can you believe that??  Against the law for having a clothesline.??!!  If those law people could just smell the heavenly aroma of sheets that have been hung out to dry on a clothesline, they would revoke that silly law immediately.  Sometimes I think certain people get too hung up (ha) on appearances and forget about the little things that can make you happy. 

Can you believe the looks on these sheep's faces??  especially the one in the front, with his little front teeth showing.  This is why I love animals, what personalities. 

And this baby calf.....soooo cute.  What is sweeter than a calf's face.  Look at those big soulful eyes and those little tiny nobs on top of his head.   The gentleman that owned the farm drove up in his truck while we were taking these pictures wondering WHAT we were doing.  He was quite nice and was pretty darn proud of his little herd of cattle and especially his calves.  A little ways down the road Catherine spotted a pig farm...excitement, but as we drove closer the smell began to drift into the car with all the windows rolled up.  Oh it was a mighty stench.  You will not see any pig pictures today. 

These 2 looked like they were discussing the world's situation, and wanted to let everyone know their opinions. 

Wow, don't ya wonder how far people live from their mailboxes? 

And ofcourse we HAD to stop for food (just how long can a donut from Dunkin donuts last??) ... We met Lisa, Bailey & Brie which was a great ending to our day in the country.  Now to deal with the bumper.....bummer!!

"This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure."     Rebecca Pavlenko

Until next time....

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  1. Oh, Deanna, I'm sorry about your bumper! My vehicle has 98,000 miles on it and I'm scared to get something new for that very reason. Looks like a great trip and you have the beautiful pictures to prove it!

    I am doing Picture Inspiration and Picture Color but with just not as much gusto as in the past. If a prompt really appeals to me I'll go for it but otherwise I'm okay with letting it go. I'm still taking pictures but this spring has been extremely busy and I've needed to prioritize.

    Thank you so much for your comment and checking in on me. I love your blog and your words. :)


  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!! I wish I had a close friend that enjoyed photography. A photo trip sounds fun!! Love your shots of the barns! They're wonderful!!


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