Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little Sad....and A Walk Thru the Garden

I am just a wee bit sad today.  It was the last day of Picture Color at  I love color so this was a dream come true for me with a daily prompt from Tracey to take a picture (sometimes many) and post it in the gallery.   What fun to see everyone's take on the prompt and also to receive so many nice comments on my images.  It is a great place to find joy in photography, it is a happy, encouraging, loving place to spend a little part of each of my day.  A collection of some of my images from Picture Color.  But tomorrow begins Picture Summer, so the sadness is brief...back to daily prompts and daily inspiration!!

This afternoon I attached my 105mm Nikkor macro lens on to my wonderful Nikon D7000 camera and walked thru the garden.  The flowers are beginning to bloom a little later this year than usual, but then we have had a very unusual spring and summer, cool, rainy, and minimum sun.  Usually by this time my garden is in full bloom. The weather is warming up, tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper 90's, so I expect the blooms to follow.  I love this coneflower, the rows and rows of petals are just glorious!!

Look at those tiny yellow blooms on this ground cover crawling up the rock that is right next to the driveway.  Love!!

Love the subtlety of the of my fav ferns is this, I forgot the name of it, but trust me, it is beautiful.   Oops just remembered...Maiden Hair, looks wonderful growing in a pot, but you must remember to water it, it does NOT like to dry withers up and dum de dum dum...dies. 

The hydrangeas by the back door are in full bloom.  Dont'cha just love hydrangeas, these are the original "Endless Summer".  Lots of people complain that there's does not bloom, mine must really like where it is planted because I have a bush full of blooms each year.  These started out blue but because of our soil they now bloom pink.  If I added something (acid I think) it would turn them blue next year.  I can never seem to remember to do this. 

The Becky daisies are blooming, just came out today.  I love these daisies, they are so upright and stand almost 3 feet tall, bloom for a very long time and look gorgeous in a vase.  (as you will see in the future)

Now I know why there are so many spider webs on the flowers...this is the coolest spider, it is gold.  Hmm, gold I will have to think on this. 

Love, love, love the Monarda aka Bee Balm.  This is the first one to bloom.  With this dark background it looks so dramatic like it should be walking on the Red Carpet. 

Even the blooms of the hostas are so very lovely.  I added a Kim Klassen texture.  

And finally, this terrific plant....I bought it for the color of the leaves to add to a pot, but was delighted when the little red lanterns (I call them lanterns because they remind me of Japanese lanterns) appeared.  Another Kim Klassen texture added. 

A beautiful walk in the garden. 

"Stretch out your hand and receive the world's wide gift of joy, appreciation and beauty" 
   Corinne Roosevelt Robinson 

Until next time......(comments are always welcomed)


  1. Thanks for the beautiful walk through your garden. Your flowers are gorgeous!! You take amazing macro shots!!

  2. Only one comment?
    Are people blind??
    This is so wonderul Deanna.
    so cheery and uplifting. I shall roam around your blog over my morning cuppa.
    so please, don't mind me, and i will be careful :-)

  3. Beautiful.
    Love that edit.
    And believe you me, coming from here that is a compliment :-)
    I often prefer originals.


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