Thursday, June 9, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

We had terrific thunderstorms last night, lightning, thunder, almost 5 inches of was quite a night.  Not a whole lot of sleep, poor Toby was totally freaked out.  He had his head right next to my face, breathing heavy....I love my little Toby dog, but heavy breathing right in the face is not my idea of restful sleep.   Thank goodness we have a guest bedroom with an extra bed cause that's where I spent the night.  Walking outside this morning after the rain, I found the clemantis petals all gone leaving only the stamens, still kinda interesting even without the petals.  The hydrangea bush is starting to bud which means beautiful flowers to enjoy soon. 

These are from my neighbors those buds, especially with the tiny dragonfly resting on the tiptop.  And that blue flower, not sure what it is, but what a heavenly blue.

My neighbor, Cheryl, asked me to step into her backyard to see something....and to my great surprise, this is what was there....chickens.  My first thought was "wow are you allowed to have chickens in the neighborhood?", but because we are in an unincorporated area it is permitted.  They built a pen, with chicken wire (pardon the pun) a frame, roof and an area for the chickens to hatch their eggs.  So ofcourse I immediately went home, grabbed my camera and came back to take shots of our new neighbors.  They have 5 chickens, still young and won't be laying eggs until August.  After the shock of seeing a chicken coop in the neighborhood, I thought, this is really cool and  hopefully we will be able to enjoy some fresh eggs. 

"I have a heart with room for every joy." P.J. Bailey

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  1. hi deanna! i loved this series. you are so amazing with these flower shots. thank you for stopping by..have a lovely sunday xo


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