Monday, June 27, 2011


Today was vintage day on Picture Color...I love that vintage look and feel to a photo.  And thank goodness there are wonderful artists that have made turning a regular photo into a vintage looking photo with just a click.  Florabella is what I use most all the time.  But I know Pioneer Woman has some great looking vintage actions as well.  Using these wonderful actions creates a whole different look to your photos...if you haven't tried them, do.  They work with either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  And ofcourse, adding a Kim Klassen texture also adds to the vintage feel.

Last night we went to Home Depot, actually that is a great time to shop, nobody there....but at the same time I forgot, once again, the "Chat with Tracey" as part of the Picture Color class.  I forgot the 1st time, forgot the second time, but so did Tracey, so it was re-scheduled for last night, and....I forgot again.  I think I better slow down and re-group. continue, these flags were flying in the parking lot right next to Home Depot.  Not sure what they were for, but I certainly took the opportunity (never leave home without it) to take a few shots of the flapping flags with the wonderful sky.  I decided that I wanted a couple of large blue pots for the front yard.  Have seen the blue in some gardens and really like the way it looked, so Home Depot was the 1st place I looked....not one blue pot. 

While at Home Depot decided I better take a couple of shots of the daisy's...daisy's just say happy to me.  Doesn't this one look like a woman adjusting her hat...and that dreamy background...LOVE!!

Added this to picture color but this was taken in the Spring when a couple of us girls went to Long Grove for the day.  Long Grove is this pretty little picturesque town with quaint little shops and very expensive homes.  Unfortunately many of the shops had closed, another victim of this terrible economy that we have all felt in one way or another. 

Isn't this the greatest old truck? I decided to drive to The Growing Place in Montgomery this morning, searching for the blue pots with a $100. gift card burning a hole in my pocket.  And this truck greeted me as I drove in.  With the prompt for Picture Color being Vintage I was a happy, happy, happy girl and ofcourse, I had my camera, never leave home without it.  And yes, I found the blue pots.  They look gorgeous in the front yard.  Pictures later. 

Along with the truck the green picket fence was also a welcome sight...loaded with blooming roses and clemantis. 

Right now the craze in gardening is miniture...I have seen whole little villages created using miniture houses, garden pieces, tiny plants....thank goodness I have not (to this point) fallen into that craze.  But while at the Growing Place I did have to ohh and ahh over this darling little cottage.  Doesn't it look like it came right out of a fairy tale.  I suspect that the 7 drawfs live there and Snow White is going to wander up any minute.

I didn't apply any vintage action to this, I just thought it was so beautiful with the purple in the background and ofcourse black eyed susans are vintage summer anyway...

Aren't these 2 a hoot??!!  They arrived at the Growing Place shortly after I got there and I could not help but stare.  They were having a wonderful time admiring and laughing and generally looked like they both thoroughly enjoyed life.  I asked them if I could take their photos and they were delighted to pose.  I took several and I am sending them to the lady with the parasol...hope they like them.  Their business is renting medieval costumes....looks like not only do they rent them, but they wear them as well. 

"Your art is the only way you can run away without leaving home"   Twyla Tharp

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  1. Deanna,
    Your vintage, well... ALL your images, are just lovely. I enjoyed visiting your blog.
    We missed you in the chats. :)

  2. Wow... every single image is beautiful! My favorites are the daisy, truck and fence. I enjoyed your post very much!

  3. Such lovely images! Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  4. Beautiful images, Deanna! ♥

    Becky Sue


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