Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Confession and an Afternoon at the Riverwalk

After a morning with the cleaning lady (ahh the whole house is clean again) Gary & I headed to the above to renew my driver's license.  OK, here is the confession.  I did not even know my drivers license had expired until I took my Honda CRV in for repair for the boo boo bumper.  While there, they have a handy dandy desk for Enterprise Car Rental to obtain a rental car after dropping your car off for repair.  I think that is a right nice courtesy....until the Enterprise Lady courteously told me she couldn't rent me a car because my license had expired.  "What??" I thought the state was supposed to send you a friendly & courteous reminder when it is time to renew.  Our state has a policy that if you are a good/safe driver, which I probably won't be classified any longer, you can renew by mail.  But I think it had been either 7 or 8 years since I had a "new" driver's license.  Well, anyway, after waiting in 4 different lines, 1 for a number, 2 for the mandatory questions and eye exam, 3 to pay, and 4 to get your picture taken & finally getting your brand new license we were outta there.  To make the whole event less painful, I was pretty happy with my new picture on my DL.  Have you seen some pictures..???

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and not to be wasted, so we headed to the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville.  After grabbing a hotdog, chips and a drink we walked to the Dandelion Fountain.  Always some action there.

Look at this darling little boy.  He wandered up with his Grandfather shortly after we arrived at the Dandelion Fountain....You can tell he is a little shy just by the way he tilts his head and looks out of the corner of his eye...

He wasn't quite sure what to think of that water...even tho the temptation was there, he was a little hesitant to get too close. 

Well, maybe if I just stick my hand in just to test the water....

Oh this does feel good...I think I like this.....  The cutest little boy, and I love it that his hat matched the color of the water...!!   I didn't take the last picture to this story, his grandfather sat him with his back to the water so he could take a picture, and yup, you guessed it, he fell backwards into the water.  No wonder the child is shy...he probably knew from the start that something was gonna happen....

OK Mom, I am ready....can I go, Please!!!

I  love the water....!!

After the enjoyment of watching the children at play at the fountain we decided to walk down to "The Beach" Naperville's swimming pool. 

Our kids had such fun here when they were teenagers...the absolutely best place to hang with your buds. A great city pool  It was originally an old rock quarry, so it is quite deep.  You have to pass a swimming test in order to swim in the deep end.  And usually once or twice an hour they clear the entire pool for body checks.  There is a lifeguard that paddles a boat around in the deep end just in case somebody as trouble keeping afloat. 

And this is why they call it "the beach" the shallow end they have sand...just like the beach.  So fun for the little ones they can just run into the water.
These 3 bathing beauties posed for us...eating away on popcorn, snowcones and cookies...if they keep that up they may not be bathing "beauties" forever. 

As we walked along the Riverwalk we saw couples,  old ones.....ooops mature ones...

Younger ones....

Even younger ones...this little girl had been crying but she lightened up when I started snapping her picture. 

Those that were paddle boating....I don't know why people think this is so fun....  it is too much work. 

This is my speed right here...

And finally, these two had relaxation written all over them (especially the dog).  A great day spent wandering the Riverwalk on a summer afternoon. 

"A life without love is like a year without summer."  ~Swedish Proverb

Until next time......(comments always welcomed)


  1. Hi, Deanna! I read your blog -- which I love --every couple of days but usually am too busy to stop and chat. So today I decided to chat. Love that you and Gary had such a delightful day together.


  2. Just love your art and your blog. Met you in Picture classes. Have a great day. Hope we can stay in touch!

  3. Looks like a beautiful day! Glad you got your license renewed with little trouble. I would do something like that!



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