Monday, June 6, 2011

White on White

Yesterday afternoon I picked these little chive flowers from the garden, added them to this cute little vase that I picked up at a garage sale, uploaded the picture to my online group, Prompt Addicts, because the theme for the week is SIMPLE and was so surprised when it was EXPLORED!!   I am so honored when I am chosen for EXPLORE, 500 photos a day are chosen from all that are uploaded and there are about 5,000 photos a minute uploaded to FLICKR.  I wonder how they do it, and what they base it on, but I get real excited when one of mine is chosen.  This is my 5th image chosen since I joined FLICKR last September. I just had to tell someone.   Oh well, enough of that.

Today was white on white for Picture Color.  I know this isn't all white but I wanted to show off my new summer watch and it did have a white face and a white band...I love this cute watch, it is so fun and perfect for summertime wear.  Tomorrow is Texture Tuesday on the Kim Klassen website.  The prompt was ofcourse to use at least one of Kim's textures and to add words to the image.  So, this is my pick for Texture Tuesday. 

I also added this to Picture Color for the White on White theme.  I  have to admit I shot this in January when all the bright Christmas colors had been packed away and the outside was nothing but drifts of snow, I must have been in a white mood.  

And while we are on the subject of white, here are a few more.....the tulip, a Trader Joe's purchase, the foxglove taken at Home Depot (a great place to buy flowers and also to take pictures of the flowers that you don't buy) and lastly, a beautiful white clemantis from Lisa's garden.  Love the touch of purple in the stamens. 

Comments are always welcome!!  Until next time.....


  1. very pretty! my fave is the tulip hanging down.

  2. beautiful collection of flowers and pictures but I think my favorite is the watch. such a creative shot!


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