Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I love the color pink almost as much as I love the color red.  But when you think about is really just a lighter color of red. 

This sweetie is a neighbor that NEVER let me take her picture.  But today was special, she was mesmerized by Toby and couldn't stop talking about him so while she was talking I was shooting.  She also loves pink, check out that hat and those little pink earrings.   This week's challenge at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday is people.  I usually never add a texture to images with people so this was a real challenge.  I think this worked.

I couldn't resist making one more pinwheel...and this one a pretty, pretty pink polka dot with a little glitter in the center.

The coneflower burst into bloom yesterday, I love this has multiple layers of petals, and that bright orange center is wonderful.

A beautiful soft pink begonia.

Loved this little crock, picked it up on sale, but I now know why it was on leaks, note the water on the table. 

This is an older image, taken in the spring, but I think the Dogwoods are exquisite...they are so perfect they almost don't look real. 

And what would a collection of pink flowers be without the rose...nothing more perfect.  The beauty of pink in flowers is astounding.  But then, nature itself is astounding.

A little Mom's pin, she loved her jewelry.  Her absolute favorite color was pink.

And finally, I love pink so much that our living room is is relaxing and cozy and just makes you feel good.   

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to life to celebrate"     Oprah Winfrey

Until next time......

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  1. I'm passionate about pink & love your blog! So pretty! You'll adore nearly everything in my boutique, it showcases super feminine pink products. Enjoy!


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