Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Fun

A few days ago, Tammy Lee Bradley posted a pinwheel on Picture Color, she then gave instructions on how to make one on her blog here.  I figured I could make one of those, so off to Paper Source to look for some double sided paper.  If you have a Paper Source in your area, go...it is a fun store, filled with paper, all things paper.  And why I felt the need to go to the store to buy more paper when I have as much paper as most scrapbook stores have in their entire inventory.  But.....I did, not only did I find some great paper, I found a neat quote book and some really cool bicycle paper clips. 

Now isn't this cute??  However, it is a fake pinwheel, meaning it doesn't spin.  I decided to hot glue the points together and hot glue it to the dowel stick thus creating a pinwheel that doesn't spin.  It was so much easier for me than trying to punch little holes and using some kind of pin to then stick into the dowel.  Glue guns were invented to make my life easier....just sayin.

Here are a couple more....like I said they are really easy to make.  The cherry one is double sided paper that I had in my stash and the blue is two pieces of patterned cardstock that I glued together to make it double sided.   Make some red, white & blue ones for the 4th of July to add to the fun.

Yesterday, Picture Color's prompt was "corrugated".  Oh my, now what in the world would I take pictures of that represented corrugation.  Well....I didn't seem to have any trouble finding it.  As soon as I read the prompt, I looked up and there were the napkins, so colorful and "corrugated".  Later I walked outside and noticed the heavy corrugation in the hydrangea leaf, that was number 2 for the day.  And finally, as I opened the drawer in the kitchen I noticed a package of brand new pencils that I had picked up at Michael's for $1.00....corrugation again.  I am sure I had more corrugation, but thought I should stop at 3. 

Today's prompt was "ambient light".  I thought it was kind of ironic that the official first day of summer which to me means outdoors, outside, sunshine, patio, backyard, swimming pool....that the prompt was ambient light.  Take a picture inside the house with very little light to gain that golden, ambient light.  Well, not a problem for me.  Our family room faces north with only the sliding glass door providing what little natural light we have.  And to add to the darkness the screened porch is right out that sliding glass door.   So, after the rather lengthy desciption of the loss of light, this is the wall in the family room, very golden, very ambient. 

Right now, we are in the middle of another bad thunderstorm.  What a summer, cold, rainy...hot, rainy.  But I will say that the grass is really green and the garden is lush.

Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.
- John Updike

Until next time......

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