Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Senses Friday - The Feb 17, 2012 Edition

The day dawned cool but sunny with a prediction of 50 degrees.  WHAT??? 50 degrees on Feb 17th, this has been the craziest winter.  I heard our local weatherman yesterday tell us that this is the warmest winter in 80 years.  I have not even worn my heavy, heavy coat this winter.  Almost like Florida (well not quite) but sure seems like it.  No snow, 50 degree temps.  We drove thru the Arboretum today and thought if this weather continues we could start seeing wildflowers poking their heads out any day.   And speaking of flowers, my beautiful orange tulips were the first thing that caught my eye as I walked down the stairs this morning.   How lovely these are, especially in the blue vase.

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After my tulip greeting, I prepared my morning coffee....a new one that I am tasting (it was on sale) and after enjoying it for the last 2 days, I think it's a winner.  Must remember to return to Walgreens and buy more while it's on sale.  Now how many people would take a picture of their new coffee?    Even added a texture by Kim Klassen (scripted) to add a little oomph.  If you like your coffee a tad on the bold side (not talking Starbucks bold), this may be for you.

Catherine and I had really hoped that snow would fall this week so we could make a trip to the country to photograph barns covered with snow, especially red barns covered in snow.  But as I stated earlier, no snow has come our way, so no trip to the country.  Instead we decided to go to a local photography store, Calumet.  Great selection, terrific and knowledgeable staff, great fun.  I came this close to buying a new wide format Canon printer.  I have a Canon now and have loved it, so I'm stickin' to Canon.  Catherine just purchased a fancy really wide format Epson printer so she wanted to buy some specialty papers to experiment with.  Had my camera with me and they allow you to test any lens on your own camera in the store.  Tried the Lens Baby...what a fun lens, may have to break down and buy one.  My wish list continues to grow oh dear, oh dear.  After this the tummy was telling us that it was definitely time to eat, so off to lunch.  Decided on "Stir Crazy" and as we walked closer you could smell the wonderful aromas.  Delicious lunch, nothing left on my plate, good to the last morsel.

After that palate perfect lunch we stopped off at the Willowbrook Nature and Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.  What a nifty place.  They rescue small animals and birds of all kinds that have been hurt, nurse them back to health and release them back into the wild.  There are some that have remained permanently, their injuries were such that releasing them could be harmful for them.   Fortunately while we were there, one of the trainers was working with an American Kestrel, the smallest species in the hawk family.  She had been caught in a rat trap, lost a lot of tail feathers which will grow back, and 2 of her talons, which will not grow back.  Taking pics of birds and animals is a real passion of mine, if I were 20 years younger I would go off to Africa and become a wild animal photographer.  But I will have to settle for moments like this.  Seeing and hearing these birds fills me with joy.

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Poetic Winter Photography Challenge

I think this is an eagle, young eagles don't get that white cap on their heads until they are mature.

A Sand Crane....check those orange eyes!

A quick drive thru the arboretum on the way home, stopping to admire the remains of the winter....if you touched these dried seed heads they crumble and fly away in the wind, planting their seeds in new places.

"We become happier, much happier, when we realize that life is an opportunity rather than an obligation."  ~  Mary Augustine

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  1. Beautiful photos, especially of the birds! I can see why you enjoy photographing them, they are such interesting and regal looking creatures.

    Thank you for taking part in the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Deanna. It sounds like you had a really nice day, with a little of this and a little of that. I love wildlife photography...when I was younger I dreamt about working for National Geographic. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be?! Hope you have a good weekend :)

  3. I love the blue vase you have your tulips sitting in, a wonderful contrast to the flowers.
    Birds of prey are so impressive, great shots.

  4. Loving all of your captures this morning, Deanna -- but the birds are really catching my eye. So beautiful. :)

  5. Just found your blog. What tremendous eye candy! I love my coffee too, and often take photos of my cup of coffee, because it is "me." Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. So glad I found you this morning while drinking my java.

  6. These pictures are so beautiful! I love the tulips and the first little birdie picture. They should be framed!! And the last one is lovely, so lovely. I love to see your pictures! Love 'em!

  7. Gorgeous! The tulips are breathtaking!

  8. Love all your pics here, but especially the birds. I think that might be a golden eagle.

  9. the bird portraits!

  10. Catching up on a few past posts and I'm so happy to view this one. Awesome photos. Those birds were just amazing!

  11. These are just fantastic shots. I love the eagles, too.

  12. The story of that bird is so sad, but I'm glad there is a place like that to take it in. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Wouldn't it be great if there was an endless reserve of money and time so we could really pursue our passions? lol. And I must tell you, that last photo took my breath away. You made something dead look extraordinary! Thanks so much for linking to the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge!


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