Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Snow Was Still With Us.....

The snow was still with us this AM, but unfortunately not near as magical as yesterday, however still camera worthy.  Once again Catherine and I took off, this time to the Arboretum knowing that we would certainly find beauty there as well.  We were not disappointed but I sure was later....!!  I checked my battery level prior to leaving home and even tho it was getting lower I felt it would last thru the visit to the Arboretum. guessed it, it died and ofcourse this was the one time I didn't have a spare with me.  I sulked in the car while Catherine jumped out for a shot here and a shot there.  But my unhappiness soon left when Catherine suggested Mexican food for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  The food is good, but the margaritas are even better.  I wasn't driving so I indulged myself with a frozen strawberry margarita, I quickly forgot how disappointed I was with the dead battery.

The skies were incredibly blue....

I always love the rose hips in the winter-time....

Oh that Witch Hazel just delivers such a wonderful pop of color...

And that deep red berries of the sumacs is such a delight against the blue skies...

I think this is some kind of a little sparrow....I was sitting in the car, waiting for Catherine, she was still taking pics of the sumac, when this little one perched himself on the rose bushes right in front of me....I took this thru the car window so it is not as clear as I would like it to be...but he was just too cute.

A little boy and his Mom were out playing in the snow...I just had to take his pic with that bright red coat and blue snow pants against the white of the snow....

The sun was so bright that my eyes were tearing up...but I'll take this brightness over the gray skies we have had lately any day.

Hope your day was as bright and shiny and as delicious as mine was.....

'If you always do what interests you, then at least one person is pleased."

Until next time.....


  1. I hate it when my battery dies! However, you managed to get some pretty darn good shots!

  2. Beautiful once again, and that little bird is very cute as is the little boy! Your battery probably drained faster because of the cold temps, they do that! And I know that disappointment well....I now have two batteries, it's just that I sometimes forget to charge up the back up one when I get home.

  3. Lovely photos once more. It's difficult choosing a favorite.

    And don't feel too bad about your camera's battery life. Mine kicks the bucket after taking something like 7 pictures. :p


  4. I guess strawberry margaritas make everything better!

  5. I'm glad you were able to take these beautiful pictures before the battery died! It happened to me, too - so annoying, isn't it? Have a wonderful Sunday, Deanna!

  6. Well, even though you didn't take a lot of pictures, the ones you got were Wonderful, and it sounds like you had a good time in spite of...
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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