Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Give Them Freely and Often

Are you a hugger?  Do you show how much you care by giving someone a big ol' hug?  Growing up my family was not demonstrative in the hugging department.  My Mother was not a cuddler or a hugger and I grew up not feeling the warmth of a Mother's hug.  I never doubted that she loved me, she showed me her love in different ways, just not in hugs.  As soon as I met my husband's family I was introduced to freely given hugs.  Continuing through life's paths most everyone in my circle of family and friends are huggers and many add the kiss along with the hug.

The other day as I stood at the front door gazing at I don't know what, I saw the boy who lives across the street pull into his driveway and he and his good friend both got out of his truck.  The boys are now freshman in college, my neighbor lives at home and goes to a local university, the friend has gone away to college.  As they were saying their goodbyes they grabbed each other and began a hug as though they were saying their last goodbyes.  They did not see me standing at the door or they may not have been quite so demonstrative, boys that age usually don't show their feelings.  The gesture touched me and I hoped that all was OK in their world.

I have found that hugs can cross the language barrier, they certainly transmit love and warmth.  They can lift hearts and spirits.  They can possibly heal a wounded soul, or maybe even save a life.  So give them freely and give them often, don't discriminate when it comes to hugs.

So here is a big ol' virtual hug for all of you today.  Now go out and give someone a it forward, you may save a life.

I know tulips don't really have anything to do with hugging, but I bought a fresh bunch today and along with my virtual hug I am sharing my tulips with you.

"I love hugging.  I wish I was an octopus so I could hug ten people at a time."  ~  Drew Barrymore

Until next time.....


  1. you know what i was planning on doing a blog post about "hugging" soon... i was thinking about it today on my drive to see my parents ... why some people grow up hugging & others don't? i know that they love each other but they just don't show it like me. & that is ok. just different. my hubby's family are not big hugger. & it is weird for me. the hugs are stale. a hug to me from any one is similar to a handshake. a sign of i like you, i appreciate you, there maybe some love there, but nothing sexual there... there are a few ladies i know from my church that i love to hug ... & to give them a hug ...i truly can feel GOD hands & arms touching me ... it's like the heat is radiating off us. gives ya chills. you can feel the love. brings me to tears. i guess what i mean is i feel sorry for ones who don't hug because they don't know what they are missing. i guess that is why they say our sense of touch is such a big deal. i'm sending you a big old hug too! have a great night. (:

  2. First, love your tulips...the tones are just lovely. My mother was a hugger; my dad wasn't. I took after my dad. But I love hugs. Read once that four hugs a day are needed for good mental health. Maybe that's what wrong with me!

  3. Beautiful tulips Deanna!
    I'm most definitely a hugger although I don't know that I was one growing up. But I can't help but squeeze my kid multiple times a day!

  4. Your Tulips are gorgeous. You made them look so soft and pretty. My mom was definitely a Huger. My Dad not so much! As for me.. I try to give as many as possible. So here is a big hug for you my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. My family wasn't very demonstrative either, we never even SAID "I love you" to each other very often. But despite those absences, I always felt and knew I was loved thru their actions. But when it comes to MY kids...they probably wish I would lay off them with the hugs so much. And now that I"m older, I always tell my parents I love them. I hope my kids take my cue when they have their own families. Virtual hug back at ya!


  6. I am most definitely a hugger!
    Wonderful post and beautiful images Deanna!

  7. You could have been writing my story . . . Lovely post and pure gorgeousness with the tulips! {{hugs}}

  8. There are many different ways to say, "I love you", aren't there? Growing up, my own family was not much on big hugs even though my aunts and uncles in my dad's Italian family were. My mother was of British descent, so we grew up showing our love in less demonstrative ways. When I moved down South where people who are practically strangers hug, I was uncomfortable. It took years to overcome. Now I hug my family as often as I can and I hug friends freely, too. Hugging probably helps us live longer, don't ya think? And I L.O.V.E. the Tulip Triptych. (PS - Think hugs would be great on FOL, too!)

    1. Deanna, I agree with Dotti. This would make a great FOL post!

  9. Well, sending hugs right back. I am like you and grew up in a none hugging family. I do hug on my girls all of the time and I hug friends that are huggers...but I kind of have to force myself to do it.

    I think those boys are just part of this new generation of huggers. My teenagers and their friends are all big time huggers....boys included. I see boys up at the high school hug each other all the time.

  10. I'm definitely a hugger! In fact I have hugged 3 strangers in the last couple of weeks. I heard that we need 7 a day - don't know if that's true or where I heard it - but I'm going with it! ; )

  11. Well, we have that in common, Deanna. My mom was not a hugger -- it just didn't come naturally to her. My dad made up for it though -- he loved to hug. :)

  12. This really touched my heart. I had a "light bulb" moment just this week about some of my own issues and this hugging post really hit home. I can't remember a hug or kiss or a "I love you" or any type of compliment given to me by my mother. sad. I always knew this and made it a point to (probably overdo) do and say those things to my children and hubby. But what I know now is the deeper effect this lack of human touch/caring has had on me.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  13. I didn't grow up with a hugging mom either. Maybe it was the times? Anyway, I make sure I always show my children how much I love them. Now that my mom is older, she's become a hugger too! So I'm getting those hugs from her that I didn't get as a child. I love your tulips and the processing. Fresh flowers in the house is like getting a hug -- one you give yourself!


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