Monday, February 6, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Heart

Ya gotta have heart....lots and lots of heart.  This is heart month. Valentines Day is staring us in the face with the store aisles overflowing with candies and heart shaped pink, purple and red items in abundance.  I remember as a teenager agonizing over choosing the appropriate card for whoever had my heart at that moment, not too sweet or sappy, but enough to let "him" know that he had captured my attention .

My sweetie was not into the love fact he usually forgot until the day arrived and then suddenly remembered he had not bought anything to commemorate the day.  A feeling of remorse would overcome him which resulted in a quick trip to the local Walgreens to grab whatever caught his panic filled eyes.  All he usually managed was a heart-felt Hallmark card and sometimes a piece of candy.  Flowers, never.   Candy, flowers, cards yes, they are symbols of means of expressing your love.  But a daily dose of "I love you" expressed with total commitment meant much more to me than candy, flowers or cards.  I did not need a special day to know how much my husband loved me.  How do you celebrate Valentine's Day??

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"There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved."  ~  George Sand

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  1. that is a really amazing shot!
    thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful post and photo, Deanna! I love your description - I could really picture your husband rushing through Walgreens :-)
    And I so agree with you - "I love you's" over the year are more important to me than any candy or flowers on Valentine's Day.

  3. Totally agree, Deanna. A thoughtful post -- and a lovely photograph. xoxo

  4. Hi Deanna, Thank you for your visit to my place today. I look forward to visiting your site again. :-)

    Memory care facilities are wonderful. It is good to know that a loved one, such as your husband, is getting the best of care.

  5. That truly says it all Deanna.
    A beautiful post and photograph.

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  6. Great title, I love your site. It's so cheerful!

  7. Beautiful photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. Wonderful the angle and the title. Our anniversary is on the 8th, so we usually just combine it with Valentine's Day.

  9. This such a charming shot Deanna. It would make a great card.


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