Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Senses Friday with an Extra...

I have mentioned previously that I am taking a writing class in the continuing education program at one of our local colleges.  Last night was our 3rd week with only 1 week left.  There are six of us in the class and after 3 weeks we have truly bonded as a group...encouraging each other, laughing together, just having fun while becoming more aware of the 5 senses and how the senses can effect our writing.    Last night we focused on touch...each bringing something wrapped in a paper bag for each of us to feel, describe and discern what it might be.  I would have been a happy camper if this class was a 6 week course instead of 4.  There are other workshops, classes, etc for writers, but those are for the "serious" writer....that I am not, nor aspire to be.  My writing is pretty much contained right here....with my ramblings about feelings, opinions, happenings, more of a journal with images.

Five Senses Friday has become part of my week in thoughts as well as images but as the weather continues to be dreary sometimes I find it difficult to get inspired.  I am going to have to start focusing on Valentine's Day and all the "pretties" that you can feel/touch, see, taste, hear & smell.  Next week for sure.....

This week I have:

Feel/touch - The last of the tulips from Trader Joe's, their petals have become almost paper-like breaking off and falling away with just a slight touch.

See - I finally cleaned and filled the bird-feeder this week (shame on me for waiting this long) hanging it on the tree right outside the front window.  The birds had no trouble finding it especially the sparrows and the chickadees.

Taste -  If I don't have anything else in this category you can count on me for is an everyday event with me, being the first thing I taste each and every morning.  Even a chipped cup is OK as long as it contains that morning cup of joe...

Smell - Shopping earlier this week I bought this Reed Diffuser...have you ever used these?  If you like the aroma of pleasant smells, this is the way to go.  I love scented candles but I tend to not light them unless someone is visiting.  I am afraid that I will leave them burning which could spell disaster.  The Reed Diffuser can give you that same pleasant aroma without the fear of forgetting....however there is something about gazing into a burning candle that is mesmerizing, kinda like gazing into a burning fire.  But I will stick to the diffusers.

And finally hearing....what would my day be like without hearing the sound of my sweet pea, Toby and his bark?  Poor thing, how does he see with all that hair in front of his eyes...must get him to the groomers soon.

And one last image.  Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers Course challenge this week was to make a collage/storyboard.   And with that challenge she provided us with story-board templates.  This was my story-board/collage using her templates and some of her textures which I uploaded to the Beyond Layers Flickr site yesterday.  Holy my surprise it made the EXPLORE page for February 2nd.  Can you see me doing the Happy Dance??  Thanks to Kim and her encouragement and inspiration.

Until next time......


  1. I've come to look forward to your Friday posts as they are always quite interesting and so tastefully done. Love your shot of the Coffe Cup (I love coffee too and different cups) and oh my Toby looks so doggone adorable.

  2. Way to go making explore! I love coffee cups, in fact I love to buy lone ones so that I can have different cups for my differnt moods. My cabinet overfloweth . . . and that's a great storyboard.

  3. I'm not surprised to hear you made the EXPLORE page - congrats!

  4. How exciting and well deserved. All your photos look wonderful and I love your storyboard. I finished mine yesterday.. I want to try another one!!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Congrats on making it to the explore page. I'm not surprised because your photos are always so lovely. My faves this time are the pretty tulip petals and your storyboard collage.

  6. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing the link. Your photography is beautiful, and Toby is quite the looker!


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