Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Good Day

I don't like to sweat.  I am not pretty when I sweat unlike those glistening bodies with those abs that shine with moisture creating an ad worthy scene.  Mine, not so much.  The sweat runs down my forehead, lands in my eyes, creating tears to run, oh definitely not a pretty site.  Any mascara that may be left on the eyelashes is now running down the cheeks, along with the drips from the sweat.  Can't say the smell is good either.  While working in the yard in this getting hotter and muggier typical Chicago weather, sweat comes, like it or not.  

But toil and sweat is a must if I want the garden to stay purty....Ok, enough info about the sweat, I have since come in the house, turned on the AC and taken a shower.  Much better now. But let me show you what a little sweat did today....

Toby, stays with me thru sweat and all.  See the pretty pink hydrangeas...I love 'em.  These are Endless Summer that are pink here but if you live elsewhere and your soil is different they may be blue.  I love blue, but unless I added stuff to the soil they will remain pink.  

The daylilies are blooming in all colors....hmmm, no wonder I have holes in so many of my flowers, look at that critter underneath the petals...paused to chomp.

The Incrediball Hydrangea is filled with blossoms that are working toward that basketball size.  I snipped one for demonstration purposes only (hee hee) and you can see the size....that is a tall mason jar and it overwhelms it.

I bought this large planter a couple of years ago and it has sat in my garage ever since...but this year I dragged it out and put it in the backyard next to the fence and added some coleus, ivy, a small hosta and oh darn, I forgot the name of that pretty little leaf plant..!!!  It sure brightens up the almost fully shaded spot.

Whoop whoop Becky is coming...Becky Daisy that is. She is so pretty.

Earlier in the summer my "garden" guy transplanted several Black Eyed Susans to a spot that apparently was the perfect lunchroom for the bunnies to dine.  They ate those plants literally down to the ground, with only a few stalks remaining.  Soooo, yesterday when I was at the French Market I bought some gorgeous Coral Bells...  I dug up the poor stalks, transplanted them to a different area of the garden and planted these beauties in their place.  I am just hoping the bunnies don't think this is dessert.

The Monarda (Bee Balm) is also about to burst.  I totally love this flower, What's not to like, it is gorgeous from beginning to end, attracts, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, and doubles in size in less than 2 years.

OK, so now I am all clean and it's time to deliver the  pictures that I took last weekend of my friend Ruth's family.  I package them up sweetly onto a CD, slipped into a CD holder that I have added my business card and some washi tape.  Just adds a little pizzazz to an otherwise plain cover

They were delighted with the pictures, which ofcourse thrills me.

While there Molly, the next door neighbor's dog wanders out to their backyard and I feel the need to take Molly's picture because of her stinkin' cute ears.  Molly is camera shy, darn it, but I managed to grab a couple of shots....Look at those ears....can you just not love her!!  Molly is getting old, so she is limping a little (sorta like me at times).

And here is Peanut, Ruth & Tom's cute!!

Ruth's garden was brimming with these lovely hisbiscus...

And she insisted I stay for dinner (hmm, I think I wiggled an invitation by suggesting we go out and grab something to eat).  You see, Ruth is a cook, a chef I should say and everything that comes out of her kitchen is a masterpiece.  She whipped up these tequila, lime chicken tenders with guacamole on top, some fresh pineapple & mango with cottage cheese, some leftover rice and veggies, a little triple berry pie for dessert and voila I came home stuffed.

A good day!!

"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes."   ~Hugh Downs

Until next time....


  1. Who are those people that look good when they sweat? Definitely not me! Your garden is beautiful - so worth all that toil! Dinner at your friends house sounds wonderful!

  2. Loving the doggies and well, just all of your images and weekend recap Deanna! Your garden is lovely.

  3. i love the look of your pot set in the garden! i need to find a spot to do that. glad to hear you had such a good day.:) xox

  4. I love your attitude, Deanna! It would be so fun to spend a day with you. Your garden is gorgeous and it’s easy to see the joy it brings you. Thank You for sharing the beauty of your hard work.

    This was a great post to read while enjoying my morning coffee. Sets a great mood for the day. :)

  5. Well the cute dogs have stole the show!! PS...I can't stand sweating either...imagine that and live in Florida♥

  6. wow, you packed this post full of good stuff! first, love the shot w/ toby in the background!!! all of your garden areas and blooms are beautiful. the lushness just impresses me! your friend's 'whip up' meal! holy smokes! love the other pups, too.

    and i have learned to enjoy sweating. i exercise almost every day and pour down sweat. but i don't fix my hair. i don't wear make-up. and, yes, i hit the shower after cooling down. :)

  7. Such a beautiful garden, Deanna. And I fell in love with the flowers on the chair picture. Have a great day!

    Hugs to you.

  8. Your garden looks like heaven! My fav pic is the one on the CD holder. I love the tones you achieve in your edits.

  9. Oh that food looks so yummy! Your flowers are so beautiful well worth the hard work!

  10. I hear you on the sweating. We call it "shvitzing" in Yiddish - sounds better haha! Gorgeous flowers!!

  11. Beautiful images and I am sweating quite a bit these last few days here in London the temps in upper 70's to low 80's and well it gets very uncomfortable to say the least. I love how you package the CD beautiful work.

  12. You have a spectacular garden Deanna, will you come and advise on mine I know it's a long way lol.....

  13. What a wonderful day, indeed! I would have liked to have followed you around. :-) I sweat a LOT. It ain't pretty. My mother used to say that men sweat and ladies perspire. I sweat when I'm out in the heat.

    You have such a lush, lovely garden! I love the pink hydrangeas. I didn't know the soil could affect the color. And the shade plants are lovely, too.

    Such wonderful photos of the dogs. That's great that Toby sticks by Mom even when she sweats. :-)

  14. Your garden is awesome, and definitely worth a bit of sweat! Love that shot of Toby lurking under the hydrangea. I left you a message on text... and am hoping that you will give me a call. Got some news

  15. Well the sweat was certainly worth it. Such fantastic photos of your blooms. What camera do you use as your photos are so clear? Have a wonderful week! Chel x

  16. Love this post! Your garden is so beautiful. And love all the doggies! Now I have to go get a snack after that last pic.

  17. Nah ... I don't like to sweat either. That's why I leave most of the gardening to Mr. Peepaw. Sweet photos from top to bottom.

  18. I think Hydrangeas are lovely, no matter their color. And - one bloom makes a bouquet! I do like to sweat - it tells me my heart and lungs are working hard - a good thing for me. But, humidity sweat - that's something to be avoided. Your portraits are always amazing.


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