Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Kinda Scavenger Hunt.....

I am so late to the party and I still don't have everything I need to complete the hunt this week.  So this is gonna be kinda a Scavenger Hunt Sunday and I am also joining in with my blogging bud, Kathy for her new meme Song-ography.

This week's challenges which I kinda have are:
  • Inspiring Person
  • Relaxing
  • Written Word
  • Memories
  • Best Friend
OK, let's just dive right in.  The first on the list, inspiring person, just stopped me dead in my tracks, literally.  And then I thought about a conversation I had with a girlfriend who I was with last night and the subject of Paula Deen came up.  I might get myself in trouble for saying this, but I gotta admit she is rather inspiring in how she picked herself up as a single mother and built a cooking empire extraordinaire.  Maybe her recipes are not that healthy, after all she is from the south, and there is not too much healthy cooking coming from the South, aka butter and fried foods top the list, but it sure is good.  But lately after her diagnosis of diabetes, she has cleaned up her fat content quite a bit.  Unfortunately she made a mistake, how many of us can say that we have NEVER made a mistake in our lives that we have regretted.  Personally I think her penalties have been a might over the top for something she said years ago.  Prior to all this, she was the Icon for Southern cooking, and inspiration to many....just sayin'

Last night a girlfriend and I went to an outdoor jazz concert in a close-by suburb and was thoroughly entertained by some wonderful performers.  We spent a totally relaxing evening listening to some wonderful entertainment, along with about 3,000 other people. Ginny and I had 3rd row seats, so we didn't miss a sweet is that.

After the performance we strolled into a few shops, all stayed open hoping for business and being one to help the local economy (who am I trying to kid, I just like to shop)....I found a couple of treasures (little) that came home with me.  The first one fit into the category of written word, loosely I admit, but fits.  This piece of wisdom is now on the back porch...perfect!!

And the 2nd sweet find (really doesn't fit any category, but felt the need to show it off) was this cute little vase....I am such a sucker for vases.  Fits right in on the back porch table....(flowers are from my garden)

There are many, many images that I have that fit into the category of "memories"...some I am not going to bring up, too painful, but this one not only fits the category of memories but segues right into Kathy's very first prompt  in her new meme Song-ography...."Homeward Bound".  This was a pic from last summer on one of my jaunts with Catherine.  Unfortunately Catherine and I don't go out jaunting anymore, she is too busy with her work and her life....but I do miss those fun times and fun memories.

                                                 friend.  Mac has spent the last 4 days with me, but today Mac's best friend, Sam came home....Mac was a happy camper (PS, so was I)

That's it...that's all....have a good week everyone.  Keep enjoying summer, it will be over before we know it.

Until next time....


  1. On the P Dean thingy - we all make mistakes. Geez -- lighten up people! :)

  2. sweet and happy mac! love the little vase and your blooms. and really like homeward bound.

  3. Great shots! Love the street scene with the lights in the trees...lovely! And love your memories photo.

  4. Sounds like a great new meme.....I am with you on Paula Dean..I think too much is being made over her when who hasn't said or done something we wish we hadn't...Mercy, where is grace these days... Looks like you had fun at the concert....Summer time festivals are so relaxing and I love the vase you found...I know Tobby is glad to be the king again at your house....Have a great week...

  5. i love Paula Dean. i see she has fired a lot of her team ... i hope she can change things around for the better.
    jazz festival looks fun! ( :
    have a great week.

  6. Love the jazz festival pictures, what fun!

  7. You sure did have great seats at the Jazz Festival! Love those shots. Your Homeward Bound photo is so soft and warm and welcoming!

  8. Hey, better late than never, right?!?!? And I feel exactly the way you do about Paula Dean. I think she has gotten punished way more severely than the "crime". Kinda makes you question whether it is worth it to be "honest" in answering questions from your long ago past! Oh that meandering path leading towards that beautiful light. How wonderful it would be to have your home at the end of THAT journey! Thank you for joining in on Song-ography Deanna! Hope to see you next week. Happy Sunday!

  9. Amen Sister re: Paula Deen - seriously over the top, vigilante style punish for something she said years (and years) ago (and while I do not approve of the term - I believe it was following being robbed and sometimes you spew verbiage you would not otherwise use). An outdoor Jazz Festival sounds wonderful and your "finds" are pretty cool - love the one about not growing up after 50 if you have not already done so. Being "grown-up" is so over rated.

    Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

    PS - that Homeward Bound shot - A.MAZ.ING!!

  10. Well it is true...better late then never. Well worth waiting for.
    Hear, Hear about Paula Dean, I've been wanting to say the same thing now for sometime but to chicken because of backlash people give you if you're opinion isn't the same as theirs. I also don't like the term she's accused of using but come on it was and should be ancient history and at that time people weren't as quick to jump on the vigilante wagon for something like that. It's not as if she was doing it on her television shows now and I'm sure she's more then sorry she ever said it to begin with. Forgiveness in so needed in the world today.

    Loved the shot from the concert with all the sparkly lights. - Jazz is not my type of music but occasionally I appreciate a good jazz tune and I'm happy you had a wonderful time.
    Love that you always find such cool vases and the sign was fun.
    Happy that Mac's best friend was reunited with him.

    Also stunning shot for the Song-ograhpy meme. Loved it.

  11. Great photos. I loved Homeward Bound. That jazz festival sounds too fun--glad you enjoyed it!

  12. I think you're brave - and right. The memories photo speaks to me. I want that sign!

  13. lovely post Deanna and I really like the simple table decoration; vase and three single yellow flowers - rudbekias?

  14. Great stories Deanna love your purchases and thanks for pointing me in another linkup....

  15. You have to love a smiling dog! Great pics! I was never a real fan of Paula Deen's show or cooking, but I think that the first person who hasn't done a dumb thing in their life should be the only one to judge. That includes no one! I'm not sure the punishment fits the crime. But it should be a cautionary tale for people who spout off all kinds of things on facebook and twitter.

  16. I couldn't even participate....didn't have pictures I thought would go with those prompts. Wonderful job, though. I think Paula Deen was wrongfully treated, also. Maybe some other network will pick her up. Who knows? I agree with you that we all have done things we regret....ALL of one is perfect, but Jesus Christ. They shouldn't be throwing stones.

  17. I am so in agreement with you about Paula Deen.
    What's really been bugging me is that the media is making such a huge deal out of something she said, but they encourage and congratulate those who are applauding & participating in the recent DOMA decision????
    As a Christian - I feel it is wrong. My case was brought to point when on FB one day I see one post condemning Paula Deen for saying a "bad word" 30 years ago & just a few posts later I see someone who is a lesbian asking where is the best place to go for a sperm donor because she & her girlfriend want a baby??
    Is there something wrong with that picture? If God intended women to have children with women, then why do we need men??
    Hate the SIN, not the sinner!
    Okay - coming off my soap box.

  18. Each photo is fabulous - you certainly know how to capture the moment :) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs to you!

  19. These are amazing images! I'm swooning over the image of the country road with the Queen Anne's Lace! Whoa! That is amazing!

  20. yes...Queen Anne's Lace Lane makes me want to go for a walk. Beautiful. Having just turned 50 I find your words a little bit inspiring...

  21. Wonderful shots Deanna .... :-D

  22. These are all wonderful. I love your shot for Homeward Bound.

  23. Another collection of lovely shots...I don't get the whole Paula D thing at all. What a nonsensical overreaction! Your homeward bound shot is magical!


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