Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Stuff

The weatherman promised cooler weather beginning today....but somehow the weather didn't get the word.  It was still 89 degrees with enough humidity to make me sweat, and you know how I dislike sweating.  So cooler weather not so much. Today is more like summertime Chicago weather, hot, humid and needing rain than what we have experienced so far (but honestly I totally enjoyed the cool summer).

I woke early this morning, about 6:30, one of the nicest times of the day.  The air is calm, the sun is just beginning to cast shadows on the backyard, the birds are already in fine singing form...not so sure if I will be singing this same song during the winter.  But right now, it is so pleasant sucking up that summertime morning, sittin' & sippin' my coffee on the back porch.

This morning I did grab my camera to capture some of that early morning bliss...

The young robin had just finished his morning bath....

Marti and I headed off for the French Market again about 9:00 AM, and again we were not disappointed in what we found...

First we found this cutie patootie....she is the 6th child of a family of 4 other girls and one boy.  What fun to be surrounded by all those sisters and a brother.

I bought peaches....oh yum

and some fresh flowers to go in my new orange vase.....

And speaking of orange....found this cutie patootie all dressed in is the new black (maybe).

I bought fresh corn, and tomatoes, cilantro and onions and those delicious peaches and some coreopsis called Jewel Ruby Frost.  I think Ruby will look quite nice in my garden.

And adding a couple more pics of my family photo shoot in Michigan on Wednesday....

Hope your Saturday was filled with loveliness and Sunday will bring more of the same.

Until next time......


  1. Certainly looks like you had a very relaxing and fun day....I love Saturdays like that....
    I am loving all your summer flower photos and I bet those peaches were delicious...I have certainly been enjoying ours here in NC...

  2. Oh Deanna these are all awesome! That first photo is so dreamy. Love the effect you have captured here. Also great new orange vase with the wonderful flowers. Looks as if that French Market is a great place to go to! What fun!

  3. Fantastic shots and of course the babies steal the show! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. loved the baby robin. nice family shots. :)

  5. Wow, you've captured some amazing catch lights in the eyes of those little ones!

  6. Just beautiful. Wonderful light.

  7. This looks like such an ideal Saturday! I love the flowers and peaches - and of course the babies are adorable!

  8. Can you do a portrait workshop when we're together? Yours are always so beautiful. I'm a bit worried about your heat ... I don't like to sweat, either. And the peaches look yummy!

  9. Those little patooties are cuties! Beautiful shots Deanna! I hope it's cooler for you today.

  10. Terrific pics today! Wow! I'm sorry it hasn't gotten cooler there. It finally broke here a bit and we have turned off our air conditioners. Ahhhh! Welcome relief from that constant drone.

  11. Deanna, your photographs are gorgeous, especially those sweet little ones.
    It finally cooled down here for us today, and it is the perfect summer day.
    Hope it is for you also.

  12. i thought it was supposed to cooler on saturday too - I had a photo shoot and boy did i sweat! yuck!
    aren't michigan peaches da bomb????

  13. I know all to well about hot. I love to get up early as well, it's so nice to sit and have coffee outside before we hit the 100+ degrees.. Lots of gorgeous photos once again. That peach looks so yummy..



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