Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Of This....Some Of That

I did mention that I was dog-sitting, right?  So far so good, except for yesterday when Mac decided to hop the fence because I was standing in the driveway with one of my gal-pals who had come for coffee and he felt the need to get up close and personal.  With one leap, over he came.  So now, instead of feeling comfortable with a fenced in yard, I now have to consider that a fence does not equal total captivity.  If Mac has a hunkering to check out what is on the other side of the fence, a mere effortless leap is all it takes.  Toby's kingdom has been invaded by outside forces and he is being tolerable, but definitely not happy with the intrusion.  I can see the pleading in his eyes..."Mom, when is he leaving?"

Yesterday, a box from Amazon arrived on my doorstep, in it was some new software and a new instruction book on HDR (High Dynamic Range photography).  I have been fascinated with the images you get utilizing HDR, so thought I would dive in and give it a try.  No, I have not even downloaded the software, yet.  But soon.  While reading the book there was a quote that really tickled my funny bone, I was sitting on the back porch laughing out-loud.  Maybe you won't think it as funny as I did, but it did make me laugh in its simplicity....Photographer Jay Maisel says, he likes to always carry a camera because it is hard to take a photo without one.  That just struck me funny.  Maybe I had one too many cups of coffee by this time.  But it's true, it's hard to take a photo without a camera, pretty damn near impossible I would say.

Also in that box from Amazon was this little sign, that I just couldn't resist purchasing.  It now sits in the downstairs bathroom, and it too makes me giggle.....

The garden's best month is July.  Most everything comes alive in least in my garden.  Yeah, there are a few beauties that arrive in early Spring and a few more that come along in the Fall, but July is the best.

And I also had the urge to buy some new actions by Paint The Moon.  I use her actions on practically every photo I edit...have been very pleased with her actions....this one is called Luminocity and I particularly liked this b&w action....

And this one on Sammie and her family....wish I could change that little frown to a smile, but the software doesn't go quite that far.....

And this one of the roses.....

OK, that is definitely enough rambling....hope Thursday brings you special things...

Joining with Kim at "Little Things Thursdays."

"Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!"                              
                                              ~  Theodor Suess Geisel  (aka Dr. Suess)

Until next time.....


  1. You'll have to tell us all about HDR! I have been hearing more about it, but really haven't explored what it means. I think that quote is funny. It goes without saying, but many times I have left my camera behind and then wished I had it later. So yeah, point made! Love all your images, and have always admired PTM actions.

  2. i love the "toilet paper sign" that is too funny!! i worked in an office with both men & women - there was always some leaving ME to always fill the roll. such a pain in the bum. why always ME??! am i the only one who knows how to do that??! takes only a minute or two to change it out, right?? i always try to be extra nice because i know i would hate to be without any at all ... but apparently others don't feel the same ... it would send me into my not so happy place. not cool. ha. ha!!! ( :

  3. I can't wait to see what you can do with the HDR! Can I quit my job to do photography full time please. I want to upgrade my camera equipment all the time. I think that is what keeps me motivated to keep working. So I have money to buy photography stuff. My dog ever let a fence hold him back. He always got over them. I am sad that we had to put him down this week :(

  4. Always enjoy your images. Enjoy your new book.

  5. Funny you mentioned HDR -- I have been lightly using it on some of my photos just for fun. Didn't buy anything expensive as far as software, but it's keeping me occupied. :)

    Huskies are known to hop fences, so you may want to keep an eye on Mac. xo

  6. What a lovely post! The quotes made me laugh :)
    I'm also interested in HDR but since I broke my tripod, haven't been able to try it. Yet :)
    Congrats on your Luminocity purchase!

  7. dang jumping pup! poor toby. :)

    good luck with the venture into hdr!

  8. My dogs were jealous of my grandpuppy staying with us while my son was on his honeymoon. They were also glad when the little Pomeranian went home. Tell Toby, "This, too, shall pass." :)

    As always, your photography has me in awe....your bathroom does, as well. Love all your decorations there!

  9. Gosh - good you were home when Mac made his break for it! I need to learn more about "actions" as well as HDR. I like the dreamy softness of the flower photos. Hope you're smiling today!

  10. Deanna, your granddaughter is just beautiful, and this portrait of her is truly magnificent.
    Looking forward to seeing your HDR.
    Word of advice...get the basics down, and then play, play, play. You will learn so much more that way, and since each photo is so different in terms of dynamic range, you will rarely use the same "recipe" twice.
    Have fun, my friend!

  11. Your little visitor sure has pretty blue eyes! I am pet sitting starting tonight for my daughter's two dachshunds for 4 days. That gives me a house full! Thank goodness you saw Mac jumping the fence before he got out without you knowing! So good that Toby didn't get out, too! Lovely photos today, looking forward to seeing your HDR. xo

  12. I have not tried HDR. I am still such an amateur with the camera. I loved the quote--I am getting into the habit of always having my camera or my iPhone with me so I can catch the photos, but there have been plenty of times when I've left it behind and regretted it.

    I hope Toby can tolerate Mac as long as he needs to--poor baby! Mac has some beautiful blue eyes!

  13. You're a better woman than I! We don't have a dog but I still don't like dog-sitting my daughter's dog. She's no trouble, really, I just don't like having her under foot. Oh, well. Love the photos and going right over to check out Paint the Moon. I haven't used actions a lot, maybe it's time to change that.

  14. Your images are beautiful! I don't know anything about HDR, so I might have to look into it later. I don't see myself trying to learn anything new at the moment, I have too many other projects to finish which will take a while. And my poor brain is overloaded now! :)

    Loved the quotes and the one in the bathroom is too funny! And so true. I need one of those in our bathroom!

  15. Oops, sounds like the fence might not be enough. I'm curious about HDR - I haven't begun exploring that yet - I'm not even quite sure what it is. I love learning through other bloggers experiences, though. I think I'll check out those actions, though - as usual, your photos are awesome!

  16. I can see the words in your pups eyes for sure, aren't they just something and give so much pleasure. Love your garden, green with envy.Oh and that new sign made me smile, that is a good one. Oh by the way you can turn that frown into a smile in Photoshop with the liquify tool. Your granddaughter I think looks a lot like you.

  17. Have fun with the HDR! I adore your photography so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  18. I thought the quote was funny :) Beautiful photos. I am not ready to conquer HDR yet, maybe someday. Husky's are tricky ones.

  19. no camera - no pictures for sure. Love the softness of the hydrangea and rose. That little frown is so cute.

  20. The quote and your sign made me giggle too!
    I especially love the B&W of you granddaughter and the rose photo!
    I went on a garden tour on Thursday and have some great pictures I will be showing soon.

  21. Fabulous effects. I've been thinking about a new camera and you are an inspiration.


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