Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I Did on Wednesday

As I type this I am also watching "Modern Family", so funny, makes me laugh out-loud.  This is a tough week, trying to cram all the new TV shows in to see which ones I want to continue to watch.  I admit I am a TV freak when the new shows begin, anticipation each night.  No wonder I have a hard time falling asleep after the excitement of another new show.  I never watched "Buffy..." with Sarah Michelle Gellar and wondered what all the hype was over her new show, "Ringer" so decided to check it out.  I'm hooked, it's been awhile since I have watched a good night-time soap opera, and I think this may be it.  I did watch "Desperate Housewives" for a few years, but then it got so silly I gave myself permission to stop watching.  Old favorites like Dancing with the Stars, The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, Body of Proof, (did ya notice they all have strong women characters) will remain on my "must watch" list, but I am excited to add more. What are your favs and have you added anything new to your list of "must see TV?" 

Today was an absolutely take-your-breath-away kinda day. The skies were brilliant blue, the temps were pleasant, a slight breeze blowing, as close to perfect as a day can be. I could take these for at least 3 more months, what do you think the odds are for that happening? A person can dream, right? But then, on the other hand, if it was always this nice we would not appreciate the good days when they happen to come along. After Bible Study I took me and my camera down to the Riverwalk to enjoy the weather and see what beauties I could find behind the lens.

The roses were still blooming.....the intensity of that red one really is quite stunning.  I find it difficult to capture the true beauty of reds with my camera, but trust me, it was spectacular. 

The geese were quite noisy, no I think the right word is LOUD.  I am not sure what was going on but they seemed to be picking sides and if you weren't part of the inner circle you were chased away rather unkindly (see above).

The leaves are beginning to take on their autumn hues before leaving us again until spring...

This sweetie spotted me with my camera and wanted her picture taken, a very willing model.  Can you see the blue sky reflected in her eyes? 

Love the innocence of children and how something as simple as feeding the ducks can bring such joy!! 

The tastiness of the millet had this bird posing long enough for me to snap a shot. 

Do you think this Dad could have handled one more child??  Maybe on his back....

Even more indications that Fall is right at our heels.....

These red berries against that blue sky were like manna from heaven. 

Everywhere I walked there were signs....signs that summer has slipped behind and fall is taking the lead.

I am sure these two ladies were sharing their thoughts on "Dancing with the Stars".....

Now doesn't this look like a picture-postcard kinda day....Everyone should take the time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the glory of nature, spend time with a friend, take a walk with your children, listen for the sound of the birds, and "Remember this - that very little is needed to make a happy life."  ~ M Aurelius

Until next time......


  1. Isn't God so good in all that he provides for us! Jeanne

  2. Oh Deanna, you've done it AGAIN! These are spectacular! I love the photo of the leaves, the composition is wonderful. And the bird on the millett. The b/w profile of that cute little boy is just shows off that cutie of a nose! And that little girl! What can I say but I hope her dad is ready to fight off the boys! Hmmmm....regarding tv shows, I am a reality show JUNKIE! It's been a great week for me too with Survivor and The Biggest Loser starting up again. And best of all....The Amazing Race this Sunday. I better get all my photography done this week :) Enjoy your day!


  3. That shot of the goose is a prize-winner in my book! Keep 'em comin' lady!

  4. The past couple of days here in Nebraska have been just as perfect. Sunny, a little cool and dry. I've been busy trying to get some outside work done, so not much photography. Maybe next week.

    Your photos are so amazing, Deanna. I love how you manage to squeeze in a couple of portraits of complete strangers. I'd be too shy, I'm afraid.

    As far as TV, I don't watch it very much. I may take in a movie on HBO now and then -- and I am looking forward to Boardwalk Empire's 2nd season coming up soon.

  5. Such beautiful photos, especially the goose, and the little girl!

  6. Oh my - once again you've taken me on an amazing journey. Beautiful leaves, beautiful children, humour, stunning photography and composition - hmmm, what else can I say . . .

  7. What a wonderful eye you have, Deanna. A beautiful day indeed!


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