Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - The Sept. 18th Edition

I had wonderful plans today to attend our local Art Fair at the Riverwalk where I am always able to capture some interesting images, just me and my camera....but I should have known better when Toby climbed on top of my head in bed.  The climb to the head is a giveway that it must be raining or about to rain. All it takes is a small roll of thunder or a drip or even a change in the wind to alert Toby that foul weather is ahead.   I swear Toby is a better weather predictor than our local TV weathermen, who get paid an enormous amount of money for their less than perfect forecasts.  Well anyway, stop whinning and get on with it, Deanna.  Todays Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts are.....


Have you seen the ads for the new TV series entitled "Prime Suspect" with Maria Bello?  I swear this woman is a dead-ringer for her, especially with the hat.  Maybe it really is Maria Bello and she just happens to be wandering around our local Farmer's Market....nahh, couldn't be. 


Lots and lots and lots of farms are in the distance in this area of the country.


A simple, brightly hand-painted cross that came from a South American country where the natives sell these as their devotion to Jesus Christ. 


Remember that rain I talked about earlier?  Well here it is, down low and wet. 


Is it just me or are you having a hard time trying to decide which are the real flowers and which are not?

Well, another Sunday, another Scavenger Hunt.  It's always fun to gather these and it's especially fun to see how other's have captured these prompts in pictures.  Come visit Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday for a treat.
 "Having it all doesn't necessarily mean having it all at once."  ~  Stephanie Luetkehaus

Until next time......


  1. Love the liquid, and from a distance reminds me of last week's visit to Wisconsin. Lovely shots!

  2. Love how the rain drops just glisten on that grass. And I don't know if that looks like Maria or not BUT...I want those arms! Great set of photos Deanna.


  3. What a great set - that grass is the bokeh. I also love your from a distance shot!

  4. Great set of photos, love the bokeh in the grass. :)

  5. These are wonderful shots for the prompts Deanna.
    I absolutely love your "Street Photography" shot.
    So nicely captured.

  6. What wonderful photos for all the subject matters. I think my favorites are the Street Photography and Behind!

  7. Love the entire set! I particularly love the from a distance and liquid shots. Beautiful. Your behind shot is hilarious! Having just moved from Hawaii, I can appreciate a good floral shirt;-)

  8. I love the liquid one with the lovely bokeh above the grass, but I think my favorite is the shot of the farm from a distance.

  9. These are all such great shots.. I am still smiling over the behind shot.. Too funny. Thanks for the smile..

    Hugs, Linda

  10. All great shots, I would frame the distance one. I always admire men mad enought to wear tiki shirts.

  11. Love the liquid shot!!! Great set!


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