Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday The Sept. 4th Edition

The weeks roll march by so incredibly fast, causing me to grow older by the minute.  Slow down, stay put, stop and smell the roses I say to life, but life does not wait for anybody or anything. The only thing we can do with this life that "merrily we march along" with is enjoy the moments, find pleasures each day, make memories and take lots and lots of pictures.

Ashley at Scavenger Hunt Sunday has challenged us with new prompts this week.  I think these challenges are a kick...and so enjoy seeing all the different interpretations at her blog.  Hop on over and enjoy, you won't be disappointed.   Without further ado.....


A lovely memory from probably 30 years ago when my daughter danced on the stage (not in pic) before heading off on a European tour with her Dance Instructor and probably 20+ dancers to dance all over Europe.  This is my memory of that trip, can you imagine what her memories must be.  Kinda reminds me of that TShirt that says, "My Daughter Went to Europe and This is What She Brought Me". 

The remains of the sunflowers purchased last week. 


Day after day last week our sky was filled with these beautiful crowd-pleasing clouds. 


This may be stretching it a bit for the abstract, but personally I think anybody that sprays their entire body from head to toe with silver paint has got to be a little abstract.  Caught this fella as he was eating pizza on a bench in Chicago.  Do you suppose the pigeons think he is a statue or just hanging around for any possible crumbs?

Had to post another picture of my son and his new fiance, Nelly.  They are "over the moon" happy and could not stop smiling their entire visit.  These two make my heart do leapfrogs of joy!!

Well, sweet peeps, that is my Scavenger Hunt Sunday lineup for this week.  Hope you all have a super Sunday and a 'wanting in nothing' week ahead. 

"I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with enjoying ourselves."
     -  Ludwig Wittgenstein

Until next time......


  1. Your clouds are dreamy, and the smile warms my heart. New love is never tiring!

  2. Love the clouds, the abstract, the smile -- actually all of them. I love your commentary too!

  3. Oh my goodness, I just ADORE your "abstract" capture! Brilliant!!!! And I agree that it absolutely qualifies as defining abstract! And those clouds are just magnificent too. Wonderful job this week Deanna :)


  4. I believe I'm enjoying the "man eating pizza" photo most of all. What an lucky capture. :)

  5. These are so great - love that abstract shot...hilarious. Also love your macro shot.

  6. I love them all! How awesome to see that silver man, perfect for abstract!!

  7. Delicious with some exquisite color photos. Without a doubt my favorite is the second.

  8. Great line-up this week! I love the guy with the pizza - it is an awesome capture!

  9. I love your abstract!! I actually thought first it was a statue until I was reading the caption. Love the contrast of the colorful pizza with the rest of his appearance.

  10. Nice shots, love the clouds and your abstract

  11. Good grief! Spraying yourself head-to-toe in silver paint? Yeah, I'd say that's abstract thinking. *cringe*

  12. Great collection of images. I love that blue sky and the superb macro.

  13. Wonderful photos for the prompts Deanna!
    What a handsome son and beautiful future daughter-in-law you have!

  14. Wonderful series...the stairs, the smiles, and the abstract pizza man are the ones I like best. :)

  15. Great post. with lovely shots, really like your macro ;))


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