Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photo Walk Wednesday

Michelle over at Michelle Renee Photography has signed up for the Scott Kelby Photo Walk on Oct 1-2 which I plan on participating in myself, and to prepare herself (and me) she has challenged her blogging friends to practice with her.  Michelle has listed 3 different photo walks each with 8 different prompts for each photo walk.  Now have I totally confused you??  I get easily confused and my memory is about as big as a pinhead, so I wrote down each of the Photo Walks and went to town....yes, literally I went to my local downtown.  At first I was jumping from #1 prompts to #3 prompts and then decided that I must concentrate on one at a time.  So logically I picked #2, now that wasn't logical at all, but it had colors in it and I love color.  I will do #1 and #3 before the end of the month. 

Red - Walked into THE PAPER SOURCE such a cool place for finding the neatest "stuff".  Cards, calendars, beautiful papers, rubber stamps, invitations, clever, clever thingamajigs. The 1st time I went in, I politely asked if I could take pictures...yes was the reply.  The 2nd time it was an emphatic NO, now the 3rd time it was yes, ofcourse you can.  So, because there was a "yes" this time, here is my first image.  A cute stack of red suitcases. 

Yellow - I thought about this one for quite awhile.  Looked here, looked yon...then I looked at my hand and thought, oh boy, here you have been carrying around yellow all morning and you just now recognized that....oh, Deanna, sometimes I worry about you.  (I talk to myself too).  In case you can't tell what this is, it is the list with all of the challenges. 

Green - If I wore a size 9 I would have bought these boots in a heartbeat.  The pair was (or do you say were, I can never get that straight) beautifully displayed in the front window of our local thrift shop.  Aren't they beauties!!

Round - Isn't this the coolest pumpkin?  Those are glitter dots decorating the pumpkin (not real).  This was right inside the door of a fancy schmancy decorator/designer shop.  The owner was in front setting up her fall displays and I again, asked politely if I could take a picture.  There was hesitation and questions about what I was doing with the pictures...luckily I didn't hesitate, "Photo Challenge with an object that was "unique".   I know, this isn't entitled "unique", I changed my mind, this is now the round one, but I didn't bother to tell her that.  I figured if I would have said "round" she would not have agreed to the photo.

Square - My home is filled with squares, mostly checks (I love checks and stripes) but checks equal squares.  The above is a red checked lampshade against the checked wallpaper.  Told ya I liked checks. 

Diagonal - Today was the last day our group met at Barnes & Noble for our weekly chat, next Wednesday Bible Study begins again.  I will miss these times together and in celebration of our last day, I decided to try something decadent from the cafe.  Brand new this week, Pumpkin Cheesecake, cut on the diagonal and loaded with whipped cream.  Oh yum, a belly banquet!!

Unique - Not the best picture but it certainly is unique...this is a calendar with each month posted on the sides of dimensional animals.  Mighty clever if you ask me...another goody found at The Paper Source.

Out of Place...this stumped me completely for awhile.  Then I happened upon one of the side alley's in town and this wonderful piece of art was just waiting for me.  This is quite a large mural that is still "a work in progress".  The people in this astonishing piece are "real" people that live in our fair city.  I recognized a few along the way, but why I chose this was because of the obvious Dick Tracy cartoon character.  I even placed an arrow pointing toward him just in case you could not figure out which one was the cartoon. The illustrator for Dick Tracy, Dick Locher is from Naperville (I am kinda assuming that the gentleman next to Dick is Dick)

So, that is my first Photo Walk Challenge.  I had a blow-the-bugle awesome day and can hardly wait to tackle the remaining two challenges.  Hope your day was as fun as mine. 

"Between the wish and the thing, life lies waiting."  ~  Unknown

Until next time.....


  1. What great photos and how fun was that challenge! Look forward to the next one!

  2. oh my goodness, that mural is hilarious! love it! and your red luggage shot is wonderful too!

  3. I need to work on being a bit more assertive and asking if I can take photos in stores. I just always assume they will say "no" and then I'll take it personally and have to make my rejection feel better with a bowl of ice cream...haha. But what I REALLY want are those red suitcases!!!


  4. This sounds like lots of fun Deanna, and what great shots you got for the prompts!

  5. These are wonderful, Deanna! I'm so glad you decided to participate...and I'm glad you had fun doing it. That really is what it's all about. :)

    I love the red suitcases, the mural, and the diagonal (very clever...I'd probably eat it before I could get the picture!). I'll be giving you a shout out tomorrow, then again on the 30th when I announce the winner of the giveaway. I can't wait to see your other posts! :)

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge, Love the different images and those green Doc Martens are so cool.

  7. I can tell you had fun! I enjoyed how you tackled this!

  8. A lvoely collection of images and I love your blog!

  9. You did such a great job of finding the prompts and it looks like you had fun! Those boots are such a pretty shade of green and I love the stack of red suitcases.

  10. I WANT that cheesecake and I want it now! Love the boots, the shot of the notes and the suit cases. I'm going on a photo walk on a Maine island in October so this was perfect. I'll start thinking differently about shooting........Nice piece.

  11. I love the red and those green boots are so cool, want them:)

  12. You really put some thought into the photos you took, Deanna -- love them all, really. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the other two walks. :)

  13. I love your red shot. This is just too cool.
    I will be on a walk on Sunday 02 , Southern California. Where are you going?

  14. Great idea, I will have to look into this walk.


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