Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Foto Fun - The Arboretum Edition

Catherine and I had planned a Friday Foto Fun trip earlier in the week, but as Friday approached the weather was not cooperating.  It was dripping, not raining, just dripping when she picked me up.  After a little discussion we decided it was not the best day for photos so off to the movies we drove.  Went to our 2nd run (better than saying cheap) movie theatre here in town, altho thinking about it, it ain't so cheap anymore.  The price is $4.00 not $2.00 like it was forever, but still better than what the big 1st run movie theatres charge.  I am not really complaining, just a slight grumble.  We decided that the Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris" would be the perfect way to spend a drippy afternoon.  What a delightful movie.  I found myself smiling through the entire movie and the scenes from Paris were steeped in beauty.  The photography had a slight vintage feel which was perfect for the theme of the movie.  Between the delicious buttered popcorn to the delicious Paris scenery, a perfect afternoon.   Go see it, you will enjoy it.

As we walked out of the theatre we saw blue skies and dry sidewalks.  So off to the Arboretum we went.  The breezes were blowing which made it a little difficult to capture some of the images of billowing grasses, but I managed to find aplenty to photograph.

The first color we came upon were these delightful red berries on a bush, not a tree.  Aren't they the yummiest red!!

Loved all this texture and colors in these bean pods hanging from the trees.  I'm thinking I really like this color combo, need to add these colors to my wardrobe for fall. 

Catherine referred to this as the "graveside" flowers....personally I had never heard this before, I tend to call them sedums.  Because they are so easy to take care of, require very little tending, and not much water, thus the reason for the "graveside" flower nickname. 

And the hydrangeas.....many different species.  The bees and wasps were really hanging out around these, so I snapped and left.  The wasp stings are a might painful, I know because one decided to share his powerful sting with me the day before and it is still red and a bit swollen. 

The dahlias are Georgia O'Keefe gorgeous.  Doesn't this look like something she would paint? 

I thought this one really needed a Kim Klassen texture added. 

I have seen these little white butterflies, altho I think they are called skippers, all summer.  They have never stayed still long enough for me to get a shot, but today was the day.

Another little critter I found resting under a leaf, "Daddy Long Legs" perhaps.

Those bright yellows and reds all on one flower always amaze me.  Nature is grand!!

I honestly think I am having a love affair with sun-flowers. They are such stunners.  This was a paler yellow than I am used to seeing on sun-flowers, but no less beautiful.

Another wowser of a sun-flower.  Almost reminds me of the fall mums that are just beginning to bloom. 

And lastly, the Passion Flower.  I had to stop an Arboretum employee to ask what this was. This stop-dead-in-your-tracks blossom was climbing up and over a tall arbor which was covered with these extraterrestrial looking flowers.  It was just a slight bit bizarro.  Probably not so in the tropical regions but here in the Midwest, it looked a little out of place. 

As Catherine looked at her watch and realized it had been 6+ hours since her puppy had been out to "do his business" we headed home.  At least to her home, let the pup out, and then off to a Mexican restuarant for a very late lunch/sorta early dinner.  Hummm, a Pina Colada, some tasty fish tacos, chips and burn-your-tongue salsa topped off this super-duper day.

"These are the magic years...
  and therefore magic days...
  and therefore magic moments."
   ~  Anonymous

Until next time....


  1. That dahlia capture is one if my FACS so far. Beautiful composition.


  2. You are wonderful! I love that Woody Allen show! YOu are right, the Paris feel is unmistakable.

    Im with Kathy -- I think the Dahlis is one of my favs for sure.

    But then, all your photos are wonderful.


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs Deanna!
    That dahlia is perfection.
    So glad you enjoyed the movie too.
    It is truly a classic.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful Sunday!

  4. The Passion Flower look amazing. You have captured some amazing images.

  5. It sounds like the perfect kind of day pina coladas with friends after a day of photographing flowers. :)

    All of these are beautiful. That dahlia is AMAZING and I adore your texture work.

  6. hello Dotti! I am responding to a comment that you made about wishing you had signed up for a journaling course that ws now closed. There is a course that i have signed up for called Unraveling, offered by Susannah Conway. It starts Sept 25th and looks great. Looks like a great course when you are going through transitions. Jeanne

  7. Oh, and aren't those passion flowers incredible!!! Nice shot. Jeanne


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