Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TV with Wednesday Whites and a Couple of Yellows Too.

The first of the fall season TV shows begin tonight.  I didn't even catch up on the ones I had taped last spring and now the new ones are here.  I only have 45% left on my DVR, so I better get watching or get that erase button ready.  After subscribing to all possible channels with my cable company I decided that there is no earthly way I can watch everything there is out there to watch or record and since I need to save money for that big extra expense I have every month , I cancelled HBO, CINEMAX, etc etc and got back to basics.  But even "the basics" add up, what with the monthly service fees, the cable box rentals, the DVR rental, the insurance, the various taxes, the HD service fee, and so on, I am barely saving any money by cutting back those premium channels.  I am going to have to do some investigating of other cable providers, but not until DAMAGES is over.  I am so hooked on this series and now that it is only being shown on DirectTV which is the cable company that is draining my wallet, I can't seem to bring myself to switching cable company's until DAMAGES is over.  Altho I must admit it has gotten a little "rough" around the edges for me this year.  A few too many "4 letter words", a few too many "adult only" scenes.  I am fairly open-minded but there are some words I don't need to hear, and some scenes I don't need to see.  Give me a "Dancing with the Stars" and I am happy!!

This time of the year my "Sweet Autumn" Clematis is in full bloom.  If you need a vine that covers quickly and abundantly, plant this perennial.  It doesn't need full sun, but it requires some, so don't plant it in full shade.  Give it a little water throughout the summer months and on or about Labor Day you will be blessed with tiny white blossoms that completely cover the plant. 

It covers about a 12-15 foot area on the front fence (one plant!)

And climbs up and over an arbor built on the top of the garage doors.  We have a double garage and it covers over half across, again 1 plant.

Felt the need to add a Kim Klassen texture to this little blossom. 

If you do decide to add this lovely vine to your garden, do NOT add more than 1 to a specific location because as I said before they grow fast and are profusely abundant.  Two plants would swallow whatever it is growing on.  If you want to cover a long fence, space your plantings at least 15 feet or so apart.  How many vines can give you this much for so little??

While out snapping photos of the clematis I noticed the bees almost in a drunken stupor as they buzzed around the blanket flower.  They were so happy to bury their heads and eat or drink (not sure) from the center of these blooms.  I like sharing with the bees, they do good things for us humans.

This week on Picture Inspiration the prompt is "From Where I Stand"....in other-words, take a picture of your feet.  Last week it was legs, I am hoping she stops there with the body-parts.

The time between the end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

I am off to get ready for the new Fall season on TV.  Tell me what sounds interesting to you this new season. 

"You never grow old until you've lost all your marvels."  ~  Merry Browne

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  1. Your clematis certainly is prolific, Deanna. Looks so healthy. Love it, but I have no more room for vines. I'll have to enjoy yours from a distance.

    As far as TV, I don't watch much at all -- but we have the super-duper everything package as my hubby likes watching it on his days off. I'd trim it way down, if it was just me.

    Pretty toe-toes! Hope you are enjoying your fall! :)

  2. Deanna - I hardly watch any TV at all, but my dirty little secret is 'The Young and the Restless' :) I've been watching it for 25 years, I'm sure . . . However, I do watch flowers and bees and your photos are stunning again! I would love to have that vine but I don't think it would grow here.

  3. Love the white on white with the clematis and the fence. The texture turned out real nice too.

  4. That clematis is gorgeous. All the clematis I have had are spring bloomers, didn't realize there were fall clematis. TV? I admit it, I'm a reality show freak and a BRAVO-tv junkee. Plus DWTS, Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race...just can't get enough. Shhhh, don't tell anyone :)


  5. The sweet autumn clematis looks very much like the variety that grows wild in our woods here. I LOVE it but it bloomed a month ago and has now gone to seed.

  6. Your clematis bush is just beautiful and I love the texture, but the bee shots are fantastic.

  7. Your sweet autumn clematis is GORGEOUS. I plan to research it to see if it'll do well here. Those bee photos are so cheery and sweet....and the last photo of your toes is fun.

    I don't watch much TV, but I'm enjoying a TV series via You Tube called Heartland. When I do watch the tube, I'm a creature of habit...it's either HGTV or Food Network.

  8. I hardly ever watch television, we just have the local channels so when everyone talks about all these other shows they watch, I have no idea what they're talking about. I love that white clematis. I have some that's purple...I'm going to search for your variety too. Gosh that's pretty.

    I would've emailed this part to you, but I don't see your email anywhere and I can't reply to your comments via email either, but I'm very interested in where you saw the Artful Blogging ad. I only just sent back my final info. yesterday. Was one of my photos on the cover? :)

    By the way, have you been leaving your comments differently on my blog. I changed my comments to show up under the post and now I've noticed a few profile pictures don't show up. Hope you're having a good week :)

  9. you've reminded me of how far behind I am in my picture inspiration... I'll be doing them ALL next year at the rate I'm going. Uggh. Love that shot of the clematis on the white fence. lovely. And the bloom with KK's texture is stunning.

  10. Lovely photos! Looks like you have a wonderful garden that must be lovely to sit in. Love that photo with the texture. SO pretty. And what a sweet little bumble bee!

  11. Love how your garden is showing the slow move to Fall. Always some great shots!! I really love your bumble bee!

    Seriously give me a call one of these evenings -- we need to talk. :) hugs gf

  12. Sweet Autumn Clematis is one of my favorite vines to use in my landscape designs. Right about the time everything else is fading from the heat, the beautiful sweet scented blooms of the Clematis appear. Beautiful photos Deanna!

  13. Too bad we can't choose the channels we want! Bet I don't watch 1/10 of what I get!

    I've seen a bunch of white climbing flowers around here lately. Wonder if it's white climatis. Really nice white and yellow shot!


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