Saturday, September 3, 2011


Everywhere I look I see signs that the summer season is almost over.  It goes so swiftly.  Heat, humidity, and life changing events all occurred in the space of the 3 months we call summer.  The heat and humidity does not need to be discussed, I have moaned about it enough.  The life changing events between placing my husband in a Memory Care facility and our 43 year old son announcing his marriage plans have been like see-saw events.  One is "go tell it on the mountains" joyful and the other was filled with a sadness I have never experienced before.  To see the one you love's memories and everything about him that you fell in love with so many years ago just gone is heart wrenching.  It was time to let him go to a place that can care for him better than I could continue to.  But with the sadness comes the joy and that joy is spelled Lane and Nellie.  They are so happy.  I may have lost a husband to Alzheimers, but I am gaining a beautiful daughter-in-law thru marriage. 

As I drove up to visit with my husband yesterday I noticed how different the fields looked from just a week ago.  The corn stalks are beginning to turn that soft golden brown and instead of seeing hundreds of white billowing Queen Anne's Lace I am now seeing eye popping fields of goldenrods.  They are seen everywhere, along the roads, in the fields, along the ditches.  They are definitely a sign that summer is coming to an end. 

Last week I walked along the Riverwalk and saw more signs that summer is at an end......

The local swimming pool is now empty....

One of the newer hybrids of  Coneflowers, I thought I could find the name of this beauty, but there are over 30 varieties of coneflowers now.  Golly, remember when a coneflower was pink and that was it!!?? Now they come in various shades of pink, purple, soft yellows, oranges, reds and the list goes on and on.  I added a couple of textures to this and thought it was a wowser of a color to represent fall a'comin. 

Even the sunflowers are beginning to fade...  Sharing with Macro Flowers Saturday.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

Apples and pears at the Farmer's Market, a sure sign that summer is over and the new sights, smells, and tastes of autumn are emerging.  I am looking forward to the changing of the seasons, my summer has been filled with too much emotion.  I am ready to enjoy the loveliness of the Fall, the bright hues, the crunch of leaves, warm sweaters, the smell of a pot of chili cooking on the stove, the taste of a good apple.  Hope your summer has been filled with good things and that Fall brings even better. 

"One joy scatters a hundred griefs."  -  Chinese Proverb

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  1. What a tough summer you've had. That you continue to look on the bright side is a gift.

    I'm not looking forward to fall. I'm actually clinging to summer's last days like a lifeboat. It's been an emotional one here too. I could use another month of warmth and sun (we never did get tons of high heat and humidity) before the too-early darkness falls.

  2. What a gorgeous collection of photos! The flowers are so pretty.

  3. Thanks so much for joining in my insanity. Your email address isn't linked to your comment so I couldn't thank you properly.

  4. You have definitely had an up/down summer . . . how sad to lose a spouse to Alzheimers - I'm sorry . . .
    But congrats on gaining a new daughter-in-law! your post reflects a sunny attitude and your photos are stunning.

  5. Oh Deanna!
    My late father had Alzheimers too and it was like seeing a strange person. It must be tough for you. I did volunteer work on a geriatric facility and it is indeed a humbling experience.

    But sometimes we ask ourselves when we let go, when we view our loved ones in their weak moments, are actually one of the significant moments in our lives?

    Hold on Deanna and keep that heart burning with love!

  6. To every season turn, turn, turn. I find inspiration in your perspective that you choose to see the beauty admidst turmoil. I am dealing with Alzheimers with my dad and your post has given me incentive to remember there is beauty all around us at all times. I sometimes forget that in my sorrow and stress. Thank you.


  7. Oh Deanna, I didn't know your husband has Alzheimers, that must be so hard on you. My grandma had that same disease and I know the toll that takes on the person's loved ones. That's wonderful that you have your son's marriage to shift your focus.

    I love your beautiful photos...they're a reminder that for everything in life there is a season.

    xo Tricia

  8. Love your enthusiasm for the upcoming season, Deanna -- I look forward to more photos from you in this category. These just capture the feeling so well. :)

  9. What lovely photos I've seen here on your blog. I'll be visiting again soon!


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