Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Plans for the day....join my good friend Marti and her husband for a "very casual" dinner.  She kept putting the emphasis on "casual" so I don't know if that means to come in my sweats or dress-up just a might more.  Probably stick to the "might more". 

After 3 days of dreadful heat last night it turned refreshingly cool, or I should say cold as I stepped out of the shower and the breeze from the window hit my wet body.  The day before it would have been blissful, this morning it was goosebump cold.  Personally, I don't think the hot weather is gone for the season, but this cool respite is so refreshing. 

As I stood at that bathroom window with goosebumps I saw yellow leaves beginning to fall from my neighbor's tree.  Wow, cool weather and turning leaves all in one day.  I do get excited each season; in winter the first snowfall, in spring the first sign of bulbs bursting forth, in summer the warmth of the sun and the glories of the garden, and fall is like a gorgeous painting of oranges, reds & golds. 

I think I get a little over-the-top anxious to take pictures of leaves.  I added Kim Klassen's newest texture, Autumn Burst, to the last image.  Love the grunginess and the paper punch holes at the top. Kim always comes up with the best textures and most of them are free.  If you haven't visited her site, and are the least bit interested in textures, go here

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Must go put on my "very casual" clothes to join Marti and Jim for I am sure an absolutely delicious dinner.  Isn't it great to have friends to share a meal with on Labor Day. 

"Life never becomes a habit to me.  It's always a marvel.'  -  Katherine Mansfield

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  1. Hey sweetie!
    Love your leaves. I am like you they are some of my favorite subjects... but I have to say I dont know if I am ready for things to take a turn.

    Last night i walked for an hour in the 80 degrees and no wind and found myself thinking this is fabulous!!

    We are missing you at PA --

  2. These are beautiful and I hope for more to see ;-) Enjoy your dinner and have a wonderful time!

  3. These are wonderful Deanna! Love how you used the new texture.
    I hope you have a wonderful dinner and evening!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.


  4. Deanna, you inspired me to try to work again with the texture. I almost gave up on it.

    These are incredibly beautiful images. What you created is a fantastic art.

    Love this art so much. Great!!!!!

  5. What wonderful autumn images Deanna, lovely!

  6. I love the colors of fall, too. Enjoy your evening out with friends!

  7. Okay, now I'm anxious for fall leaves to photograph! Yesterday I was lamenting the end of summer. Fickle me. Your photos are wonderful, Deanna. :)

  8. I immediately recognized Kim’s autumn texture....she has to be the most generous and talented gal out there. I love the way it worked with your early fallish shot. I cannot believe it, but the leaves are falling all over the property out here in the country...and they are colorful, too. Your shots are beautiful, and I adore the processing of the third one. genie

  9. SO jealous of the fall leaves & cool weather- I can't remember the last time I felt cold. :)

  10. Perhaps by "very casual" she meant for you to not expect anything fancy? Hope you had fun!

    I think your cool weather is coming our way. I saw a day in our future with temperatures predicted to not go above 70! Brrrr! I haven't worn pants since May.

  11. these are lovely. great texture on the last shot.

  12. Beautiful autumn images, I love the last one.

  13. Love the focusing on these shots. Autumn seemed to appear here over night too!

  14. The cooler weather is refreshing, love your fall leaves and texture!

  15. Lovely photos! It's a blustery, gray day here. I don't think I'm ready to let go of summer.

  16. Fantastic shots. The first is my favourite.

  17. beautiful color & love the wood... the texture, too

    happy week =)

  18. It's a little cooler here too. Feels like fall. Your images are lovely and love the way you used the texture.


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