Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reflections and an Award

Today after Bible Study I drove to my Dr's office to make an appointment and to ask for refills for the myriad of pills that I take to try and combat ailments like high blood pressure and cholesterol, but beings as it's Wednesday the office was closed. I knew the Dr. would not be there, but at least I thought the staff would be around doing staff things. Should have called but it really was not out of my way. Rambling back to my car at the far end of the parking lot I noticed a man walking and remembered that there is a small pathway that winds along the river kinda out of the way, not hidden, but rather unnoticeable. With camera in hand (never leave home without my camera) I stolled along the pathway for a short while. There are indications that Fall is coming in far too swiftly. Still September but already the leaves are turning and some trees have completely taken on their Fall attire.

Driving home I thought of my Mother who passed away almost a year ago and how much she loved the Fall colors.  A wave of sadness came over me and tears streamed down my cheeks, you just never get over missing your Mom.  I was blessed that she lived to be 91, most of it healthy, and she spent the last 2 1/2 years of her life living with us.  Oh the stories she told....I do miss her lots and lots and lots.

But to ease that sadness I received a nice surprise when I logged on this morning to check e-mails and to see if anyone had left some blog lovin' comments.  Nancy over at "A Rural Journal" nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award......after I picked myself up off of the floor, re-read it just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, did a little happy dance, and then remembered my manners and thanked Nancy profusely.  Have you read her blog, she is phenomenal....and I'm not just sayin' that because she nominated me either. 

I think there are a couple of rules that go with this award...1) I have to list 7 things about myself and 2) I have the honor of nominating others for this award. 

  1. I grew up in Dallas, TX and was at the parade for President Kennedy when he was shot and killed.  I almost threw a punch when someone referred to Dallas as "the place where they kill presidents."  It amazes me sometimes at the stupidity of people.
  2. Our first child was born in an Army hospital and our entire bill was $5.27 which was for my meals.  If I had fasted I guess our bill would have been $0. 
  3. I am a real weinie when it comes to alcohol.  I drink a screwtop wine with half wine and half Sprite.  I may have a margarita if it is really sweet and really icy. 
  4. I never watch TV during the day, night is a different story.  I am a TV junkie at night. 
  5. I took sleeping pills for 5 years, I have terrible insomnia, until I discovered I was sleepwalking into the kitchen each night and eating whatever I could get my hands on.  After gaining a good 10 lbs I decided it was time to stop.  Have been sleeping-pill free for a year, still have the 10 lbs. 
  6. I love cheese pop-corn, if I open a bag, it is gone without sharing a lick. 
  7. I still have a cleaning-lady that comes every two weeks.  I live alone, I am retired, I have plenty of free time, I just don't like to clean.  And I love when the WHOLE house is clean.  If I clean, I might, I repeat might, get one floor clean in a whole day's time.  I know my weaknesses. 
Now it is my pleasure to invite others to the "Versatile Blogger Award"....I think you are supposed to invite 15, but honestly since I am such a new blogger, I am not that familiar with a ton of bloggers, but I will do my best.  These are in no particular order....
I know there are tons and tons and tons of great bloggers out there, but as I stated earlier, I am rather new to this world of blogging, so I am in the early discovery period.  These are blogs I am familiar with and they consistently have great photos, great ideas, good food on occasion, great stories, and many of them make me laugh which is a bonus. 

Participation in this award post is purely voluntary, but I think it's a great way to learn more about, and become better connected with, our blog friends and acquaintances. (PS I copied this right off of Nancy's blog, but she stated this so well that I plagerized this word for word) 

Thank you again, Nancy for the nomination, it made my day!!

"Live to shed joys on others"  ~  Henry Ward Beecher

Until next time.......


  1. First off a huge congrats to you! And you are soooo deserving of recognition too. Amazing photos and I enjoy reading your posts too. Second, small world....I was born in DC, my dad was a DC cop....and he was one of the DC police officers who was assigned to accompany JFK's body when it was brought home to DC. So...looks like we were on opposite ends of a horrible tragedy. THIRD....thank you so much Deanna for even THINKING of me to get this recognition from you. You absolutely made my day!


  2. She tagged you right: versatile! I love reading about your life and looking at your awesome pics. (I too have a cleaning lady every two weeks. I clean up for her the day before she comes!)

  3. Thank you so very much Deanna. This is truly so very kind of you, and I feel so honored that you would think of me.

    I know just what you mean about missing your mom. My mom has been gone almost 11 years now, but not a day goes by that I do not miss her terribly.

  4. Congrats!! What an honor that you definitely deserve! Love your photos!

  5. Congratulation on a well deserved recognition. You have a wonderful blog.

    Thank you so much for honoring me with a nomination. You have made my day.

  6. Congrats on your award, Deanna. It's well-deserved. I love your blog and I loved learning more about you today too. Oh boy, can I relate to your insomnia problem. I suffered with that for quite awhile, then I finally decided to give up all caffeine and that made a huge difference.

    Thanks so much for nominating me too, I don't really do blog awards, but it's always nice to be thought of :)

  7. Well done, Deanna. I don't do sleeping pills, but I prolly should. I'm lucky to get 4 hours some nights. Ugh.

    Lovely fall photo of the bench. Have a wonderful Thursday! :)

  8. Thank you so much.. That is sooooo kind of you! I do feel honored that you thought of me..

    It was a lot of fun learning more about you. I just wish I could write as well as you!!

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Congratulations on your award - you deserve the accolades! I love your blog.

  10. I tried to comment once, but I got an error message so here we go again! I apologize in advance if you get 2 comments about this!! THANKS so much for tagging me on the award. It is humbling and warms my heart at the same time. I'm going to try and do a post about it! Thanks again!


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