Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Foto Fun only it's Thursday - The Front Porch Edition

Since my foto friend, Catherine is headed off to Yellowstone Nat'l Park tomorrow for a 10 day vacation where she will be taking a bazillion pictures (and I am soooo jealous) we decided to do a quick foto fun trip today.  The town just north of us has an absolutely beautiful collection of homes in their historic district that just cry-out to have their portraits taken and since it was once again, a mother-load of an awesome day we headed out, cameras in hand.  We decided to just park the car and walk.  As soon as we unloaded ourselves from the car we began the...."oh look at that one, oh would I love to live there, oh look at that beautiful door, oh look at that porch!!"  The town is just block after block, house after house oozing with charm and grace. 

Look at that "gingerbread" over the window...sweet flowers enhancing the rooftop.

 Even a simple front porch looks charming with the paint embellishments.

Love how they add comfy rockers and charming wreaths to adorn the porches. 

What is more old fashioned than holly-hocks growing by the front fence....

I loved the combination of colors on the front door and the porch railings - pink, grey & white.  Who would have thought that those colors would present themselves so beautifully on a front porch.  And the white wicker chair just adds to the sweetness. 

Chocked full of charm....

I loved this charmer, so much that I am posting 2 shots of it.  First shot is the whole house, then just the front door & porch.  Love that cute curve of wood over the porch and the windows and look closely at the door knob, the knob itself is red.  This house dates back to the 1870's.  Can you imagine what life must have been like 140 years ago. 

Another fine example of a lovely porch.... 

This house not only has a "paradise on earth" porch, but it is surrounded by this charming fence

This was a no ifs-ands-or-buts beautiful fence...

 As we walked we came upon this growing up a trellis, beautiful big leaves as well as this orchid shaped flower.  We had no idea what kind of vine it was, but later found out from another home-owner near by that it was pole red bean.  Apparently some grow it for it's beauty and others for it's bounty of edible beans. 

Even the children's play houses are loaded with charm.  Doesn't this look like the 7 dwarfs could just pop thru that front door any minute?! 

Looks like the ivy may be taking over this house. We did see a few houses that were so covered in ivy that the only thing that was peeking thru were the windows.

Love this vibrant blue set of blue front doors.  This property was for sale (forget it, way too much for my pocketbook)

Love how this porch mimics the round windows above. 

Another fine looking front porch with those "eye-brow" windows & door.  Doesn't look like this owner uses his front porch....need to have a chat with him on the benefits of porch sitting.  And look at those beautiful corbels on the second story roof....splendid.  

This definitely reminded me of Charleston, So. Carolina.  I remember many front porches like this, only there is usually Carolina Jessamine vines growing around the door frame in Charleston. 

This entrance looks so inviting

Many homes displayed either an American flag or the red, white & blue bunting showing their pride in living in this great country of ours. 

I wish that the American builders had continued building homes with front porches but it seems like all the newer homes are lacking this vibrant part of earlier America.  By spending time on the front porch you become accessible to your neighbors and the feeling of "neighborhood" becomes a reality.  Too many of us are locked in our homes with the air-conditioning running or on the backyard deck or patio not knowing any of our neighbors.  I think we need to start a campaign to "bring back the front porch", to get to know our neighbors and enjoy the simplicity and charm of a front porch.  OK that is enough of my soapbox for the day....hope you all had a day filled with charm and the comfort that a front porch can bring. 

PS....I added a Vintage Summer action by Florabella to all of these images.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  -  Helen Keller

Until next time...... 

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