Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Totally Wildflower Tuesday

I drove to Sycamore today to visit my sweetheart.  He is doing so well, adapting, participating and enjoying.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  As I drove both to and fro I noticed the abundance of wildflowers growing by the sides of the highways.  I really wanted to stop and just snap away, but they always seemed to be in an inconvenient spot, ie no shoulder, or high fencing and I wasn't about to hop fences today...it is another steamy, hot, 90+ degree day.  I complained all winter that it was too cold, too snowy, too cloudy....now I am complaining, too hot, too sunny, too windy, too humid.  Is a person ever satisfied??  If it was perfect for me, it wouldn't be perfect for someone else...ahh human nature, gotta love us. 

After taking my granddaughters out to lunch at Applebee's, yum love that place, they have the most scrumptious lunches and a simply delicious mini dessert, brownie with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate and topped with nuts for $1.00.  Now I ask you, what can you buy for $1.00 these days, especially something that tastes this good? , I took Bailey to get her car and there happened to be a field of Queen Anne's Lace right next to the parking lot.  Love all the stages of this glorious wildflower from bud to the gorgeous dried heads we find in the fall.  I enhanced this with  Kim Klassen's's new texture, July Magic, and added this to Lisa's Creative Exchange.  Please come and oogle at all the lovelies at Lisa's site here.

It's hard to believe that this is one of the stages of the Queen Anne's Lace...it has those tiny purple buds that open up to the wonderful white flowers that dance in the breezes of summertime. 

And at last the full-blown blossom.  Nature has blessed us with these beauties that return time and again to grace the fields of summer time. 

" May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day."
-Native American Proverb
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  1. These photographs are so beautiful Deanna. I am like you. It's either too cold/snowy or too hot/humid! Sure glad you got these though!

    Thank you so much for sharing them today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. Gorgeous images with really pretty light and I love your edits, especially the last one.

  3. Fabulous fotos! I never noticed that QAL has purple tones. The oppressive heat has kept me from QAL, but look like I need to get the oxygen tank and head out!

  4. Queen Anne's Lace is both a blessing and a curse. We brought it to this farm from the last one we lived at and it has taken over in places I'd rather it hadn't. It is so pretty, though.

    Love your editing, Deanna. The textures are very well-suited to your photo. :)

  5. Such lovely images and love how you edited!

  6. lovely :) dreamy photos. and the texture enhance their beauty. well done dear :) I've a photo challenge on my blog as well, would love to have you on board :) xo

  7. Your spirit amazes me, Deanna! :D)

  8. These photos are so wonderful, Deanna, and your texture processing is fantastic! Oh, and that dessert sounds so good, I want one now!
    Thanks so much for your lovely words at my blog! I do so appreciate it and it's so good to have such wonderful friends!

  9. Sounds like a lovely day. Love your wildflowers.

  10. Beautiful, summery photos!


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