Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Strawberries

Tonight is the weekly band concert in the park and I am planning on joining in on the food and fun.  Several years ago a group of us decided it would be a great idea if we all packed a main course ie: sandwiches, KFC chicken, etc for ourselves and brought along a dish to pass.  We began to gather in one spot and over the years that has remained our spot, you know kinda like your special seat in church, and I double dare anybody to take it from us.  We enjoy the food, many times trying out new dishes on each other, all with oohs and aahhs over how tasty it is, and always enjoy the concert.  Naperville has had a municipal band for more years than I have been living and they pride themselves on their longevity and loyalty of listeners.  What is more American than picnicing and listening to a band concert on a summer evening.  This same group continues to gather each Thursday evening, share our food, and listen to the band play on....

Tonight my dish to pass is strawberries...sweet, sweet strawberries.  Eventho the heat and humidity has been miserable this summer, the fruits have been extra sweet and juicy.  I don't know which has been better, the strawberries, the peaches or the nectarines, all have been lushly ripe and summer sweet. 

Doesn't this look like the perfect strawberry.  Nature sure has a way of producing the perfect fruit.

Sure hope you have some slurping strawberries to savor and a band concert to enjoy. 

This post was inspired by Tricia at a Rosy Note.  She has the most delightful series of blueberry images.  Hop on over and visit her, she has a lovely blog. 

And I am linking up to Feathered Nest Friday at The French Country Cottage for the first time.

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.  Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary."  -  Margaret Cousins

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  1. Tasty and fresh both strawberries and pictures:)

  2. Well, aren't you sweet, Deanna. Thanks for the shout out. Your photos look wonderful. I love the one with the polka dot cup :)

  3. Gorgeous photos~ strawberries are wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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