Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Evening

The sun is slowly setting, the weekend is coming to a close and I sit here thinking back over the last 4 days and marvel at all that has taken place in this short period of time.  Our son Lane flew into town on Wednesday evening, bringing along a girl/lady (I never know when to start calling a girl, a lady) that he has been dating for over 7 months.  Our son is almost 44 years old and never been married, came close a couple of times, but never quite made it.  I had pretty much given up hope that anyone special enough to catch Lane's eye would ever appear.  But serendipity happened and Nellie entered his life.  Apparently it was instant attraction and as they begin dating and getting to know each other they both felt the right one had come along.  I suspected marriage was in their future, but was midly surprised when I asked Lane, "so, you think you and Nellie will get married someday?"  And his reply, "well, Mom, yes we are and the date has been set, it is Dec 3rd."  Well, my immediate reaction was wow, that is so wonderful, and my second thought was, Dec 3rd of this year??  That is only, gulp, 3 months away.  Apparently, and I can't disagree, they are not youngsters, so why wait.  The wedding will be small and they both want to keep it simple so there will be no blow-out wedding reception, but a simple gathering of a few people.  Nellie has made my son very happy, I can see it in his smile.  And Lane has made Nellie very happy, I can see it in her smile and the fact that she told me what a great son I have and how wonderful he is several times over the course of the last 4 days.  Ofcourse, that makes a Mother feel mighty special that another woman besides his Mom thinks the same way about her son.  I always knew Lane would be a great catch for someone, and Nellie is that "someone's" name. 

Now, don't these 2 look happy??!!  The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Lane & Nellie

They have gone back home to California, but I will be seeing them again in 3 months time. 

I walked around the backyard this afternoon and found a couple of visitors, Nellie and Lane had left but Miss Dragonfly and Mr. PrayingMantis decided to hang around for awhile.  I also added 2 new bird-feeders to the backyard, so hopefully in the near future, more bird photos will begin to appear here. 

These are 2 different angles, but the same dragonfly.  First of all, it's red...I did not realize that dragonflies came in such a variety of, golden, red.  And 2nd those 2 white dots on his head are obviously eyes.  They moved, must have been watching me, in the shot on the left the white spots were on the side of his head, in the shot on the right, the white spots were in the front.  I just never noticed this before, but then again, I never had a camera that captured these lovelies so closely.

I think this is a praying mantis, but it could be a grass hopper.  Whatever it is, it was highly interested in the rose, but then again, who isn't interested in putting their heads in the center of a rose?  We may not put our heads in the center, but I am sure guilty of sticking my nose in the center and drawing a deep breath hoping to get a whiff of a rose scent. 

These last 4 days were happy times with lots and lots of pictures, I will post more later, but right now I think I am going to shower and crawl in bed to watch Masterpiece Theatre with Inspector Lewis.  Hope your week is filled with surprises and happiness. 

"Your children are always your babies, even if they have grey hair." - Janet Leigh

Until next time.......


  1. Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful to be around people who are in love?

  2. Congratulations, Deanna! How exciting for you all. Will they use that picture for their engagement announcement? I'm the same age as your son. :) He looks so much like you! Love your quote.

  3. What a wonderful couple! And such good news! I hope to see a few photos of the wedding, Deanna! :-)

  4. I am so very happy for Lane and I can't wait to meet Nellie. I wish them many many happy years ahead

    love to all
    Aunt Mary Jo

  5. I love your story of Lane and Nellie, they both look like lovely people! How exciting! I think short engagements are great - ours is a very quick relationship/engagement story, never regretted it.


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