Thursday, August 11, 2011

Terrific Thursday

Working in the garden today....hip, hip, hooray we have had 2 count them 2 spectacular days without heat and humidity.  My poor, poor garden has really taken a beating this summer due to heat, humidity and neglect.  But I am now trying to rally the troops by doing some weeding, edging, and fertilizing and hoping to end summer with my garden back on track. 

Was listening to talk radio the other day as I headed to the zoo, and the subject was mosquito repellent.  Two ladies called in and raved about how terrific "dryer sheets" worked in repelling those nasty, little, flying, "blood sucking", itch causing insects.  The first lady said all you had to do was put one in your pocket and it worked all day long even on her bald-headed husband, the 2nd lady said she rubbed the dryer sheet on her skin and that worked all day too.  So this morning before heading outdoors to work in the garden I took their advice...1st I rubbed one on my bare arms, legs, and face, then I put it in my pocket and off I went, very confident that this new method would work....NOT!!  I now have 3 new welts on my arm, one behind the knee and one above my eyebrow.  Back to the spray stuff, that smells awful, feels awful, but works!!  To give the ladies the benefit of the doubt, I may have had the wrong kind of dryer sheets, they did not specify what kind.  Just a little tidbit I thought you needed to know. 

This little dragonfly sat and posed for me the longest time.  I was afraid to get too close for fear she would fly away, but was able to get close enough to capture her gossamer wings.  I am linking up with Cottage Floral Thursdays 

I think this is the last of the daylilies to bloom in the backyard.  I do have some repeat bloomers in the front yard, but this is the last hurrah for those that bloom in my backyard. 

It appears as tho this butterfly has flapped her wings so much she has torn them into ragged shreds, makes me sad to see such beauty seemingly fade. 

Look what happened when I reached for the spigget to turn the hose fell off right in my hands, looks a little rusted, doesn't it.  Got out my trusty tool kit, reached for the pliers and used that to turn the hose on and off....kinda of a pain, but will do until I get it fixed. 

After a day working in the garden, I am ready to shower and join friends for the last outdoor band concert for the season.  Time moves so swiftly.  The first weeks of summer my thoughts are, "oh I have all summer to go to the band concerts", and then in a blink, they are over for another year.  Such a nice way to spend a summer evening after a wonderful day in the garden.

"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."  - Allan K. Chalmers

Until next time.....


  1. I completely identify with your gardening dilemma, Deanna! It's so unbearably hot and humid around here! I seldom want to go outside during the day...unless it's EARLY morning.

    Your images are lovely. I really like the dragonfly. I would love to have you link your post to my party, as well. The link is up now. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Oh Deanna, all those photos are lovely! I agree, with your comment on the butterfly, they are all looking a bit ragged ... their time soon ending.
    And those chairs are beckoning to me!

  3. Hiya,
    2 things:
    first: I reckon it isn't caused by over-flapping, but by narrowly escaping the jaws of tiny songbirds. I have seen small finches and the like gobble up butterflies by the dozen. One after another. Couldn't think where they put them.
    second: instead of rubbing things on your skin, you might try taking vitanin B-complex. Apparently that causes a mild oder which mosquitoes don't care for. It will do you some good at the same time.
    Me: I am never bitten. Touch wood.

  4. Adore the dragonfly shot!!

  5. I have tried that new clip on bug repelant (sp?) That way we dont have to put the bug spray on us. Wow... that seems to really dry out my skin.

    Lovely post.


  6. Your photos look like something out of a magazine, Deanna. I love the softness of them.

    I've heard of the dryer-sheet trick, but since I hang my clothes on the line, I don't have any use for them.

  7. love your post! I believe (?) this is my first time visiting your blog! Very beautiful photo's! Thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's so that i could follow you back - i'm a new fan! :) xoox, tracie


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