Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B&N Wednesday

Today being Wednesday, I headed off to Barnes & Noble to meet the ladies for our usual cup of whatever and good conversation. This morning we talked about travels and bugs...2 subjects so far apart that I am not sure how we switched from one topic to the other. But it is always a delight to spend my Wednesday mornings with this group. We only have a few more weeks of meeting at B&N before Bible Study begins and then the venue changes to church and the group expands to include many more ladies that are not able to meet at B&N in the summertime. Many are young mothers with young children that are kept busy by a crew of ladies that volunteer to supervise the children while the Mothers attend bible study, unfortunately B&N does not provide those services. The group that meets at B&N are the more mature (better than saying older) ladies. Most all of us have grown children and many of us have grandchildren, so the need for someone to supervise our children has long passed.  There are certain advantages to being in the mature crowd, one is enjoying our Wednesday mornings to discuss travels and bugs rather than the latest stroller on the market or the last trip to the pediatrician's office.  I loved being a Mother and watching my children grow into fine adults, but that time has passed and now I find many more enjoyments that occupy my days.  I am learning to live the single life now that my sweet husband is being cared for and since I have never, ever lived alone, I am realizing that I am kinda likin' the single life.  It has a liberating feeling and so far I have filled my days with pleasures I have not been able to enjoy for a long, long time. 

There were 7 of us at B&N this morning.  I am not pictured, one of the advantages of  being the one with the camera.  Our 2 "most mature" ladies have the best stories to tell.  Lillian (bottom left) is planning on driving to Minneapolis "alone" for her granddaughter's wedding next month.  She prefers traveling alone, but we will worry until she is back home safe and sound.  Lillian just bought herself a brand new digital camera that she can't quite figure out how it works, but it only cost $29.95 so I am figuring it can't be too difficult, I suggested she bring it next week and I would help her with it.  Will I be embarrassed if I can't comprehend the workings of a $29.95 camera.  Elaine (mid top) is now living with her son & daughter-in-law and thinks it is terrible that the neighbors don't know each other. She is contemplating buying a computer, taking lessons and joining the 21st century, in her words.   I hope when I mature to that age I am as engaged and full of life as these 2 are.  My special friend Marti, (top right) is the one that brought me into this Bible study over 3 years ago, we are starting our 4th year next month and for that I am ever grateful.   Bonnie (top left) and Krystyna (bottom left) are sweet, sweet friends that I have loved and so enjoyed getting to know.  And lastly, Marcia (bottom middle) brand new lady that is a friend of Marti's that decided to join, with Marti's encouragement, our Wednesday mornings.  Marti does have a way of bringing people together, her arms are wide and her heart is big.

I have rambled on and on today, that is why I could not and would not join "The August Break", I always have way too much to say to be a part of a group that only posts a photo with no words for the whole month of August.  Maybe what I have to say is not profound, probably isn't, but I do feel the need to add words to this photo journal of my days. 

Hope you all have "Wednesday morning friends" to share a cup of coffee with. 

"As you grow older, you'll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn't do."  -  Zachary Scott

Until next time......


  1. What a nice bunch of "mature" ladies. To be a mouse in the corner during your conversations. I imagine they are very interesting.

    And about The August Break -- seems you can pretty much do whatever you want. I'm still in, but I started posting words with my photos at around Day 5. :)

  2. Love this post about your Wednesdays with your "vintage" friends! I can say that since I'm vintage too! It's such a joy to visit with friends!

    Glad you didn't do August Break...glad I'm a dropout!

  3. Such a nice group of mature ladies to spent your time with! I love these years!

  4. What a wonderful group of ladies! I love your stories Deanna and you still can participate in the August Break as there are no rules at all! :-)

  5. I enjoyed this post for many reasons. I'm not retired, I'm 45, but I've never had children of my own so I often don't relate to many of the mommy posts I see on blogs, but I love reading them. I spend most of my time with "matue" adults. The average age in my Sunday school class is about 75. My parents have moved to a transitional living center as I've mentioned before, so I spend a lot of time with mature people there. I've grown to see the needs of the aging crowd and feel that part of my calling lies there. I'm glad you are enjoying your "single" time! What Bible study do you start in a few weeks? Is it BSF by chance? I am in BSF and we start up in a few weeks student Acts and the Epistles!


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