Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Heart Faces - The Pet Edition

How could I let a photo challenge like Pet Faces go by without posting my sweet, sweet Toby.  I have had many a dog during my lifetime but none as smart, cute, or loving as Toby.  I sound like a Grandmother with a new Grandbaby, don't I?  But maybe many of you feel the same way about your dog, the smartest, cutest, most loving dog ever...  He seems to love me in whatever mood I am in, always wagging his tail when I enter a room, looks for me if he doesn't see me, greets me with kisses each morning, gets up with me in the middle of the night, cuddles with me during storms, always says please and thank-you before and after meals (well not really, but I am sure he is thinking that), lets me wipe his paws before entering the house on a rainy day, my kids hardly ever wiped their feet and they never greeted me with kisses in the morning (except maybe when they were babies)....all in all, I really love my Toby. 

Look at those black button eyes!!  How could you not love a face like this.  Sometimes Toby crawls into my bed in the morning after I have already gone downstairs to make coffee and start the day.  He always looks a little guilty when I find him in bed.  That is when I snapped this shot, after catching him catching a little more naptime. 

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."
-- Louis Sabin
Until next time......


  1. What a great shot of him ... and he does look a little sheepish going back to bed!

  2. He is adorable! It doesn't look like he is ready to get out of bed yet. :) Great photo!

  3. Love those eyes! He looks like my Dog #2...what kind is he?


  4. Toby is adorable...I can see why you're in love!

  5. Toby IS adorable. Aren't dogs the best? They can't manufacture medicine that would equal what a dog can do for ones spirit. xo

  6. Love those eyes! When I was a little child, we had a black cocker spaniel named Toby!

  7. This is a FAB shot of Toby-- it tells a story, not just a straight on shot!

    I entered my fox from weeks ago post. Fun stuff!

    Hugs GF

  8. Awwww, How cute. He looks like such a sweetheart.

  9. I could never get mad at that face.

  10. Is this a Yorkie Deanna?
    He is just adorable.
    I have 2 Yorkies, and they are just the sweetest little things!
    Those eyes melt my heart!


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